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Canterbury FallsCanterbury Falls

Canturbury Falls (Rating=B) is located on Canterbury Creek ( a tributary of Sulphur Creek) and is a terraced ribbon cascade with a crest of 3 m and a drop of 9.5 m. There is also a second falls in the nearby Little Canterbury Falls.


Canterbury Falls is located in the Dundas Valley Conservation Area. At a stop sign where Old Dundas takes a sharp right, continue ahead on the dirt road in front of you which is Lions Club Road. There is free parking on Lions Club Road in Ancaster (Hamilton). Click on the Road Map button below for a Google road map and driving directions. The Falls Locator button shows a map of other waterfalls in the area.


The above parking location for Sherman Falls is the closet parking spot. From there, pick up the Bruce Trail and head west for about 800 m to both Canterbury Falls. Not wheelchair accessible. Click on the Trail Map button below for area walking trails.


H (m)
W (m)
Canterbury Falls N43.23696 W79.98042 ribbon cascade
Canterbury Creek
Little Canterbury Falls N43.23697 W79.97984 ribbon cascade 5 1 Canterbury Creek SW
Hermitage Falls N43.23637 W79.99804 complex cascade 4 2.5 Hermitage Creek N
Sherman Falls N43.23814 W79.97280 terraced ribbon 17 8 Ancaster Creek N
Mill Falls N43.23331 W79.97402 complex cascade 6 4.5 Ancaster Creek N


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Overall Rating: Canterbury Falls = B

Waterflow: B -seasonal flow
Falls Size: B - < 15 m
Aesthetics: B -scenic area, good vistas.


canterbury-fallsThe falls is located on property purchased in 1845 by Alexander Tower from the original owner William Milne. Then in 1960, the Hamilton Lions sold the property to the Anglican Church of Canada which operates the site as a conference centre and children's camp site.

The Bruce Trail built a new bridge over Canterbury Falls in 2008 while the old bridge was moved east to provide passage over a smaller creek at Little Canterbury Falls.

Little Canterbury Falls is a ribbon cascade on another branch of Canterbury Creek. It has a crest of 1 m and a drop of 4 m. It pretty well dries up in the summer time but has good flow in the spring melt.


Bruce Trail, Canterbury Falls Connector, Heritage Trail. For a map of area trails, click on the Trail Map icon above.

canterbury-little_23Little Canterbury FallsFrom the parking lot on Lions Club Road near Sherman Falls, take the Bruce Trail heading west along the top of the escarpment edge to Little Canterbury Falls and then shortly after to Canterbury Falls. If you wish to walk further in the Dundas Valley Conservation Area, continue along the Bruce Trail until it meets the Heritage Trail. Turn>I left on the Heritage Trail and then take the Canterbury Connector Trail back to the Bruce Trail to complete a 1.8 km loop. Then head to the right (west) along the Bruce Trail back to the parking lot.


The descent is rocky with fallen trees but it is not too difficult to descend to the base of Little Canterbury Creek. To descend to the base of Canterbury Falls you need to look for a location where the slope into the ravine is more gradual to angle your way down.


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Little Canterbury Falls :: Waterfalls Little Canterbury Falls

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