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Fireman's Park Pond




001 - 002


For the Fireman's Park to Woodend Conservation Area hike, leave the Fireman’s parking lot and turn left on Dorchester Road. The trail leaves Dorchester up ahead (002).

Note: The trail between 001 - 005 has been rerouted until a new bridge over the railway tracks can be built. Until then, a temporary trail follows the south side of the railway tracks. See the trail map for changes to this hike.

002 - 003


The trail turns left leaving Dorchester Road. Head slightly left towards a marker on a tree passing a concrete platform. To your left a set of steps descends down to a small lake (pond). Circling the north side of the pond, the trail climbs a hill and enters a hardwood bush. The trail follows the escarpment passing a vineyard and a Bruce trail memorial stone and plaque (003).

003 - 004


Soon the trail arrives at Mewburn Road (004).

004 - 005


Turn right on Mewburn and follow the road just past a bridge over the railway tracks where it leaves the road (005).

005 - 006


The trail swings right and parallels the railway tracks before it  turns left past a sewage settling lagoon (do not cross over the fence.)  After a brush section along the railroad, the trail goes skirts away from the tracks along a ravine going along one side then descends to cross a creek and climbs up to the other side and back to the railway. after a few turns the trail soon arrives at the new Bruce Trail pedestrian bridge over the QEW (006). This bridge, built with the co-operation of the Ministry of Transportation and Canadian National Railways, was jointly funded by the Province of Ontario, the Region of Niagara, and Bruce Trail donors.

006 - 007


The trail now continues along the railway and turns right to pass through a concrete underpass known locally as the “Screaming Tunnel” (007).

007 - 008


The trail now reaches Warner Road, turns left and follows the road for about 1.5 km before turning right into the woods (008).

008 - 009


Heading alongside a vineyard the trail then turns right onto a gravel road leading into the Woodend Conservation Area (009).

009 - 010


Soon the Paul Naray Silurian Trail exits to the left (010).

Trail Change: 2011. This change involves some re-naming and re-designation of existing trail sections. The Paul Naray Silurian Trail was previously a complete loop which overlapped the main Trail for a length of 700 metres, resulting in both blue and white blazing on the overlap section. The section of the side trail that overlapped the main Trail has been eliminated, and the side trail has been divided into two legs, each beginning at the car park.

010 - 011


The trail descends the Escarpment before climbing back up again to the Woodend houses (011).

011 - 012


Just past the houses with the rock gardens and flowers, continue west on the main Bruce Trail with the ravine on the right.  Here you will see a large block of dolomite that has broken away from the Escarpment, along with multi-layered rock formations. Great views of the surrounding vineyards, orchards and countryside on the flat plain below can be seen from here. The blue marked Wetland Ridge Side Trail goes off to the right (012).



Continue to the left on the main Bruce Trail until it emerges onto Taylor Road. There is a parking lot to the left of this point at one of the entrances to Woodend CA. (013).

Enjoy the Hike and the day!
{Updated: 20 Jul 10}

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