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Albion Hills wetland



001 - 002 | 1.2 kmFrom the Ski Chalet parking lot, walk past the back of the chalet on the grassy lawn area along the dirt trail following the red arrow signs on the post ahead. The trail passes through two areas of shrubbery well back from the path which veers to the right. Climbing a slight slope, a red arrow marker appears and points left. We will be following these red markers on the Red Trail throughout the hike. Take this left and continue past a large old tree on the same side. Turn right at the next signpost and go uphill to the right past a coniferous forest on the right and a deciduous forest on the left. The trail heads right at the next sign and curves around through a planting of pine trees on a wide grassy area with a centre dirt path and gradually curves to the left around the pine stand. At the top of a slope the red trail heads off to the right alone. The trail turns left at the top of an incline and then heads downhill. The trail comes to a intersection with another trail crossing it (002).

002 - 003 | 2.2 kmContinue straight ahead on the red trail. The trail passes an interesting swampy bog area on the left which is worth spending some time to view. The trail skirts the edge of the pond and then heads away to the right uphill between towering columns of pine trees -unfortunately planted in rows. At the end of the pine stand there is a T-intersection with the red trail heading to the left on a gravel roadway between more towering pines. At the bottom of a hill on the right side, another swampy bog area can be seen, followed by another similar area on the left where a flock of geese take off at my arrival. The first markings of the Bruce Trail appear here (003).

003 - 004 | 3.2 kmThe trail climbs a slope and descends again through the deciduous forest revealing another bog area on the left. Past this area the trail splits again. Follow the red trail to the right towards a T-intersection with another wet area straight ahead. More geese are in evidence here. Go left at this T-intersection up the slope to another T-intersection with the red trail going left uphill. There is a large tree up ahead with mountain biking rules posted where the red trail goes straight ahead. At the bottom of a slope the red trail heads downhill on a dirt path in a wide grassy corridor. Around a curve the trail continues through a dark coniferous tunnel arriving at a heavy plank wooden bridge (004) across Centreville Creek and then heads to the right leaving the main Bruce Trail which goes straight ahead.

004 - 005 | 4.1 kmThe trail climbs a steep slope and continues through a low brush area with the narrow dirt path snaking through the grassy area past a stand of red berries. The trail wanders through a coniferous forest and at the top of the hill passes an open gravel area that resembles a parking lot. At a gravel road, the red trail crosses the road beside a bridge over the creek and continues ahead slightly to the left (005).

005 - 006 | 5.2 kmAcross the road the trail continues alongside the creek to the right. Climbing a slight slope, the path veers away from the creek into an open meadow and continues higher overlooking the creek below. At a T-intersection follow the red trail to the right crossing some very wet areas in this floodplain with many narrow wooden plank walkways throughout the area. The trail climbs along a grassy slope with a tall pine tree at the top of the slope with a red arrow pointing the direction. The placement of this arrow can cause some confusion but the red trail does go straight ahead here. The trail passes through a wide corridor between pine trees before arriving at an intersection (006).

006 - 007 | 5.5 kmGoing left, a tall pine tree in the centre of the opening shows that the red trail curves off to the left. At the end of a long straight footpath, there is a lookout area (007) providing a great view of the farmlands below. If the ground is dry this is a good area for a rest and lunch.

007 - 008 | 7.2 kmThe trail curves to  the right and continues straight ahead along the edge of the pine forest wandering trough a deciduous forest with a variety of vegetation. At an intersection the red trail goes off to the right uphill. The wide dirt road climbs a rather steep incline and comes up to the hydro pole and then descends again down the gravel road underneath the power lines. Up ahead there is a tree with three arrows on it. The red and black arrows indicate straight ahead with the blue arrow going to the left (008).

008 - 009 | 7.7 kmFollow the red arrow or if you wish, climb the concrete slabs for the blue trail (watch for bikes coming down!). These two trails merge again shortly. The trail undulates up and down over the gentle slopes along the hydro line. The red & blue trails split again and you can follow either as once again they soon rejoin and head off to the right (009).

009 - 010 | 8.2 kmThree white-tailed deer stood at the top of the hill here watching my progress (see photo album). At a high point overlooking the lake and beach area below, a bench is provided for you to enjoy the view. Then keep to the left on the red & blue trail following these arrows down to the road (010).

010 - 001 | 9.0 kmCross the road and follow the red arrows back into a park like area with washrooms and picnic tables. The path follows the creek for a bit and then heads up the hill and curves right into a wooded area and swings right again around a curve crossing a wooden plank bridge over the creek. Soon you will find yourself back at the ski chalet parking lot (001).

Enjoy the hike and the day.

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