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The sun illuminates the tree canopy



001 - 002 | 1.52 kmThe Backus Woods to Heritage Village hike begins from the small Backus Woods parking area off Regional Road 60. From there,  follow the dirt road further coming to the start of the Wetlands Trail on the left. Nuthatches can be seen in the trees above along with the sounds of a nearby crow. The path winds through a dense growth of deciduous trees with minimal undergrowth due to the high density of the trees. Witch Hazel, Dogwood, Red & Black Oak, Sassafras, and acorns are in evidence.  At the top of a ridge we pass a rest bench with numerous chipmunks and squirrels aware of our progress as they collect the numerous acorns. The trail crosses a wooden platform over a wet area. At a Y- intersection with a blue marker with a white arrow pointing right, we follow the arrow and head right (002).

002 - 003 | 1.99 kmPassing by a low wet area and a sign describing the White Oak, a second boardwalk crosses more wet areas past a sign describing a specimen of American Beech and later a specimen of Spice Bush. We arrive at the access road (003).

003 - 004 | 2.69 kmCrossing the road, the trail heads back into the woods passing another blue marker with a white arrow pointing ahead. A pileated woodpecker can be heard in the distance as we pass the strange sight of a mass of tiny unknown white “things” gyrating back and forth on a tree with numerous flies below buzzing around (see photo album). Passing some superb specimens of tall White Ash the trail winds through the bush passing a second bench and heads downhill towards a second wetland area in season but dry now. Large wild grape vines climb the trees as the trail winds through an area of ferns before arriving at Concession Road 4 (004).

004 - 005 | 3.94 kmCrossing the road, the trail loops to the right and heads back into the woods again. There is a series of yellow markers on the pine trees before arriving at a Y- intersection with another blue marker with a white arrow indicating a turn to the left. A second Y- intersection with a decayed fallen sign on the ground seems to indicate taking the right fork. The trail winds through the woods along the top edge of the ravine before heading downhill and passing through two wooden posts and another blue marker indicating a left turn.
At another modified Y- intersection, a blue marker indicates to go right uphill (whereas the more traveled trail goes straight ahead). Another blue marker soon shows the trail swinging right. At an intersection, the trail crosses a  grassy path and continues straight ahead. Passing an area of white spruce, the trail climbs a slope with a bench at the top and then descends the hill. Exiting through a double-gate post and coming out to a wide trail with a dirt path down the centre, turn right and another blue marker ahead indicates to re-enter the bush by turning right onto the Sugar Bush Trail(005).

005 - 006 | 5.03 kmThe trail passes another area heavy with ferns before heading up a slope and entering a more open deciduous forest. American Sweet Chestnut specimens can be seen before another blue marker with a white arrow indicates to continue straight ahead. Following a fairly wide path we arrive at another blue marker indicating a left turn. Passing through a more open area with a rest bench the trail crosses another wooden boardwalk over a wet area past another Spice Bush specimen. At a T-intersection (006) with blue marker arrows pointing both ways, the trail to the right goes to the Nature Centre and we follow this trail.

006 - 007 | 5.96 kmFollowing a wide gravel path coming to a red fence barrier across the road with an open field to the left, the trail goes to the right around the bend. Passing a Wild Turkey Restoration rest stop with a covered lunch area and two tables, continue along the gravel road to Concession Road 3 (007).

007 - 008 | 6.23 kmTurn left and follow Concession Road 3 for about 275 m until it reaches Dendrich Creek and turn right along the trail into the Backus Heritage Conservation Area (008).

008 - 009 | 7.21 kmThe trail crosses a number of wooden boardwalks climbs a slight slope and comes along the banks of Dendrich Creek. At the outdoor outhouse, continue straight ahead along the river with a picnic area up ahead on the right. Walk around the edge of the picnic area and take the left path along the edge of the lake at the Y- intersection for more scenic views. At the bridge with the small waterfalls (009) , Backus Heritage Village can be seen nearby.

Backus Heritage Village Trail | 1 kmMore than 15 restored and reconstructed building line this trail including the Backus Home, the General Store, a Blacksmith Shop, the Cherry Valley Schoolhouse, a sawmill, a cider press, log cabins and more. You can also visit the Teeterville Baptist Church or just relax and have lunch at the picnic tables or the small restaurant in season.

009 - 008 | 8.0 kmBeside the lake a tree full of Grackles provided an amazing sight as we retrace our steps back to waypoint (008).

008 - 010 |10.2 kmCrossing Concession Road 3, continue straight ahead along the creek and back into the woods on the Flood Plain Trail. Up ahead you will see a blue marker with a white arrow and a large map of the area and trails where the trail swings slightly to the right.  Follow the dirt path along the creek which is about 3 m wide here. Passing a beaver house on the banks of the creek, you can see an interesting nearby tree with a swirled knot.
At a blue marker with a white arrow, continue along the creek to the right. Wandering along the contour of the creek, we pass a flood plain area of low shrub growth on a grassy path with sign posts rendered unreadable from deterioration. Passing through a heavily rooted area, the trail begins to climb uphill and crosses a single-sided wooden plank bridge over a dry creek bed and continues through some tall deciduous trees. At a T-intersection (010) displaying a map, take the path to the right across the bridge up ahead and leave the Flood Plain Trail to rejoin the Sugar Bush Trail.

010 - 011 | 10.9 kmWe pass a tip-up which is a tree that has fallen over with the roots vertical to the ground and exposed. At a gravel pathway (011) turn left along the pathway for about 30 m and then turn right at the blue marker back into the woods.

011 - 005 | 11.5 kmAt another T-intersection the blue marker indicates a right turn. Winding uphill the trail comes to a reforestation area of pine trees unfortunately planted neatly in rows. At the next intersection, while the blue marker indicates going left, continue straight ahead going right. Soon at another intersection with no markers (005) go straight ahead off to the right.

005 - 012 | 11.6 kmThe trail soon arrives at Concession Road 4 (012).

012 - 002 | 12.2 kmEntering into the woods again follow the trail off to the right away from the access road. Climbing a slight slope we once again encounter the rest bench seen earlier in the hike and arrive back at waypoint (002).

002 - 001 | 13.7 kmContinue to the right at this T-intersection following the blue markers back to the starting point (001).
Enjoy the hike and the day!

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