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Through these four blogs, I hope all of us with a love of hiking and the outdoors can communicate thatblog-keyboard to each other and to others. By giving people access to some of the things they may need for hiking, perhaps more people will be encouraged to hit the trails. But this is also the place to give us feedback on the site and your suggestions to improve it. You can share your photos with us and let us know about good youtube videos to add to the over 100 already on the site.

You can also share your hiking anecdotes, trail closure and update information and correct anything that needs it on the site. One person can't do it all and I'm looking for your input. You can suggest new hikes for us to explore and add to the present collection.
Our group hikes blog allows you to participate in our guided group hikes.



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This is the new name for our former blog called TorontoHiking Blog and/or Our Blog. As sole author in this blog category, I will cover items of interest to hikers as well as hiking related news and updates. Some of the older, blog posts have been removed in the transition to the new responsive format.


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This blog is for any of our registered members to contribute their ideas to the site through a blog article of their own. It could be an article about a hike you particularly enjoyed, a hiking vacation, hiking equipment that works for you, a photo album of a hike or anything else related to hiking/walking and the outdoors that you'd like to share. Give us feedback on the site, your questions and suggestions to improve it. We now have a new blog composer that is very easy to use that enables you to add text, images, video, photo albums and more to your blog through the blog pages of the site. When you publish your blog, it may go through moderation approval before showing up on the site. Others will be able to comment on your blog.


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This blog is intended for hiking-related organizations, businesses, website owners and individuals who wish to provide news and information of interest to visitors to this site. You can compose your blog directly on the front-end of the site once you have logged in and add images, videos, photo albums and more through our easy to use blog composer. If you plan on submitting more than one or two blogs, you may send me an email through our contact us form and we will give you author status which means you can publish your blog directly without moderation. Others will be able to comment on your blog through our comment system.


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This is our group hike blog for members who would like to participate in group hikes with others. The hikes will be led by experienced hike leaders and information about each hike will be published in this blog. If you find the scheduled group hike interesting and would like to participate in the hike, members can register for the hike by completing the Group Hike Registration form. Please read the Activity Release liability waiver before registering for any activity on TorontoHiking.com. In addition to scheduled group hikes, members may use this blog to contact others to share in hiking related activities.

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