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Update: Making TorontoHiking Responsive

Work is progressing on making this website responsive -meaning it will display properly on phones and tablets without having to pinch and zoom.

So far we have accomplished the following:

1) The 60 trail guides have all been redone in responsive mode.
2) The long 8-item icon row in the hikes page has been re-coded to break into two columns of four as the display size reduces. This still has to be applied to all 60 hikes (#60 is in preparation) but the design/coding work is done.
3)The hike info tables have been redesigned to be responsive and 2/3 of these have been done.
4) Other items on the hikes pages have been redesigned to display properly
5) The 60 hiking photo albums have been redone to show as responsive on tablets and mobile phones.
6. User comments have been moved over to a superior system.


This work is being done on a copy of the main site, so none of it will be visible on the live site at present except for a few test items.

There is still much more to do including giving the site a new look with a new responsive template. We hope to have this work completed by the end of this year.

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Making TorontoHiking More Mobile Friendly
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