It was an early summer weekend. The weather was permitting but not warm enough, yet the serene beauty of Georgian Bay along the Bruce Peninsula National Park mesmerized us and we thought to ourselves ‘It was worth the trip’. Hiking to Grotto in Bruce Peninsula National Park has been one of the best hiking trips I have had in Ontario. We started off from the Cyprus Lake campground, where we were Yurt Camping for the weekend, and moved along the Cyprus Lake.


 (Source: Ontario Parks)


Along the Lake – Cyprus Lake trail

The Cyprus Lake is one of the most serene and popular lakes in Bruce Peninsula National Park. Taking a hike in Cyprus Lake trail is probably the best way to enjoy the beauty of the lake and the silence around it. The trail moves along the lake shore taking us through swamp shores and boardwalks. Along the way you can notice a lot of campsites where families camping in their large family size tents. I thought to myself that the next time, I would do a similar camping inside the woods rather than a Yurt camping.


The Cyprus Lake trail is about 5 km long and it circles the entire Cyprus Lake around, making a spectacular family hiking trail for campers in the Cyprus Lake campground.

 Cyprus Lake


Into the woods – Georgian Bay Trail

It’s time to get deeper into the woods! The Cyprus Lake trail leads to the Georgian Bay trail that leads us deeper into the woods. The Georgian Bay Trail is a typical Ontario woods trail with a neat well laid out hiking trail –very ideal for kids and family. The trail goes along the Horse Lake taking us through scenic streams and a small wooden bridge. Spots like these are perks of hiking where you get to just stand a while and enjoy the silence of humans and hear whispers of just streams and tree branches!

The end of the Georgian trails also has a restrooms for public – It seems like a frivolous tip but believe me such information will come handy at the right moment Neutral

 Georgian Bay Trail (2)

 Georgian Bay Trail


Indian Head Cove and the Grotto

As you come out of the woods, on the other side awaits the spectacular Indian Head Cove and the popular Grotto. Rocky shores and shallow waters of Georgian Bay forms the Indian Head Cove and makes an ideal place for the visitors to take a swim and relax. You can also take a quick climb down into the famous Grotto cave where people are excited to dive into the water, swim underneath and get out on the other side. Its adventurous yet an amazing experience! (Just make sure you go in the late summer so that the water is warm enough)

 Indian Head Cove (2)

 Indian Head Cove

Grotto Cave (2)

Grotto Cave


Boulder beach

Most people return to their camps after spending some elaborate time swimming and relaxing in the Cove. But if you would like to hike and explore a bit more, you can continue hiking a bit more along the rocky shore and you will reach Boulder beach. The term beach might not exactly describe the place as the beach is full of white rocks that might be hard to hike but makes a spectacular sight.

 Boulder beach


Back to the camp via Marr Lake Trail

The best part of the Boulder beach is its solitude – most tourists and day park visitors stop at the Cove and head back leaving the rest of our journey less crowded and more connected with nature. And part of this experience is contributed by Marr Lake trail that starts from the Boulder beach and connects us back to the Cyprus Lake trail look, from where we can head back to the campground or the park exit near Visitors center.

Over all the Cyprus Lake trail hiking is an easy and family friendly day trek experience that takes us through lakes, rocky shores and woods – connecting through some of the parks most scenic places. Hope you all make a trip there next summer and enjoy the experience yourselves!


Guest post by Sakthi – founder and chief editor at, a travel blog exploring Ontario’s parks.