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COVID-19 Related Closures & Re-Openings May16, 2020

With the recent Provincial announcement on the re-opening of Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves, the Bruce Trail Conservancy is beginning the process of a safe and controlled staged re-opening of the Bruce Trail.

Some sections of the Bruce Trail are re-opening for hiking as we coordinate with our partners. [See our message]

As parks, conservation areas, municipalities and other landowners make changes to the status of their land and facilities, we will update this page.

It is best to visit the websites or social media accounts of these organizations directly for the latest on closures or changes to access.

Re-openings to date:

  • Ontario Parks:
    Provincial Parks and Conservation Reserves [NOT Conservation Areas]
    Non-operating Parks opened May 11: Hockley Valley, Boyne Valley, Noisy River, Devil’s Glen, Nottawasaga Lookout, Pretty River Valley, Duncan Crevice Caves, Bayview Escarpment, Hope Bay Forest, Lion’s Head, Smokey Head/White Bluff, Others: Len Gertler Memorial Loree Forest (MNRF), Kolapore Uplands (MBS), Hoggs Falls (MNRF), Wodehouse Karst (MNRF)
    Operating Parks opened May 15: Short Hills, Forks of the Credit & Mono Cliffs
  • Hamilton Conservation Authority:
    Rail Trails & Dundas Valley CA only. No waterfall or Escarpment properties.
  • Niagara Peninsula Conservation Authority:
    Louth, Rockway & Mountainview Conservation Areas (May 11); Ball’s Falls, Beamer Memorial, Binbrook, Woodend (May 15)
  • Nottawasaga Valley Conservation Authority:
    Nottawasaga Bluffs, Petun CA opening May 15
  • Royal Botanical Gardens:
    Select trails including Bruce Trail on Rock Chapel & Berry Tract properties opening May 16


  • Everywhere else on the Bruce Trail.
  • Special note: The Bruce Trail on private land and BTC-owned land is not yet open for hiking. Although closure signs are not posted on all properties, please do consider these areas closed.

Please Note:

  • Where the trail is open: Hike Locally and Hike Responsibly (see our responsible hiking guidelines here)
  • Most onsite facilities (including public washrooms) are closed even where trails are open.
  • Through-hiking is not possible and not permitted until further notice.
  • Where the Bruce Trail remains closed, please do not park on nearby roads, move gates or barriers, or hop fences, as these actions are illegal.

Trail Re-openings will be updated in the Bruce Trail App as soon as possible. Apologies for the delay.20may IMG 7942 800x600

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