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NEWS: Don Valley trails subway style

1611268370 20210121 don valley map 2

Matthew Colenbrander, 26, has created an easy-to-read map of the Don's multi-use trail network in a subway-style format.

"I made it because I love the valley and the ravines and I want everyone to be able to take full advantage of them," saysColenbrander. "Especially people who live in communities like Thorncliffe Park and Flemingdon Park."

Colenbrander is anative of Toronto, currently studying in Vancouver, who admits he spent a lot of time as a youth exploring Toronto's ravines.

"This past year I spent a lot of my (mostly isolated) free time looking over the trail maps of Toronto, trying to figure out how to make it less confusing and intimidating for anyone in the city who might want to take advantage," he says.

"I realized that a subway-style map of the network would be a simple way to illustrate its extent while highlighting entry points and landmarks."

He hopes to update the map to include accessible washrooms and TTC stops in the future.

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