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Exploring the #Dolomites with #TrekkingItalia (Aug 2017): Photos & videos


IMG 3105 C

While the summer is already well behind us, I still have vivid memories of my incredible and action-packed hiking adventure in Italy’s spectacular Dolomites! While travelling solo in Italy, I joined a one-week guided group adventure in renown Val di Sole in the Trentino region.

Our hike leader, Antonio, is a very energetic, charismatic and empathetic host who made sure everyone got the most out of their hiking experience. His zest for life and passion for outdoor adventures are contagious! #Trekking #Alps






Dolomiti Group Pic 1A

Dolo 17 Pic 1A

 Dolo Laghi Pic 3A Serodoli Gelato

IMG 3225 B

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