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2022 Website Update

give website support for regular updates sml

Home Page Update

You may have noticed over the past few months some changes have been made to the ToHi home page. This is necessary since Joomla is undergoing a major update this year. Some of the basic components on the home page will no longer be supported in the update. Thus we need to reevaluate what to keep and what to modify to be compatible and what to delete.

So you may see the same conent displayed more than one way on the homepage as we try to work on the update. We hope to keep the distractions to a minimum with no lost uptime. This will take place over much of 2022 as we research available options.

The benefits of the update will be a faster and quicker loading website that is up to the latest website standards.


Web Pages Update

Most of the content and blog web pages are already compatible so few changes will be needed there.


Friday 13 May 2022 Update (yikes)

Some major changes to the home page completed today:

  • Tutorials and gear items given more prominence
  • Menus updated to give current news, events and updates
  • Older such items now archived in NEWS menu
  • New version of Latest Posts and Most Popular
  • Home page now compatible with future upgrade requirements


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