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L18 Thorold tunnel hole

On Friday August 26, I hiked the Bert Lowe Side Trail in hike L18 Thorold South Old Welland Canals with my friend, John, to check out the new version of the Bert Lowe ST. 

At one point this side trail crosses under Highway 406. Entering the square tunnel at the south end, we noticed an inch or two of slimy water in the end of the tunnel due to poor drainage but this was nothing new for this tunnel. 

More disturbing was a hole in the ceiling of the tunnel nearer the north end under the Hwy 406 roadway above. About a bushel basket of road base had fallen through this hole into a pile in the tunnel. You can look up into the hole and see an empty void where the base has fallen through the tunnel. 

I reported this to Grant Leigh of the TBTC and asked him to contact the proper personnel concerning this issue. If there is a further collapse of the base it could be a serious problem for any hikers in the tunnel and could cause road accidents if the road above continued to deteriorate. I received a response that the proper authorities have been contacted to investigate the problem.

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