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New tohi website

Welcome to the new TorontoHiking website. What began a year ago has finally come to fruition. Yes, it's been a long haul and well over 1000 hours or work -lots was fun, some was challenging, some rewarding and some just tedious. In any case I'm pleased to unveil it and happy with the result. The basic design graphics will change with the four seasons. Spring is when life returns to the woods and that shows in the fauna chosen. I picked the monarch butterfly for its' colour and abundance and the deer because it's a special hike when you spot one. The rabbits, fox, ducks and tortoise round out the choices. Each page article can be translated into over 50 different languages, but menus and comments are not translated. Nor is the Home Page as it contains no articles. Enjoy the site and I hope you find it useful. Please report any problems here. If you login to make comments through facebook, your facebook logo will appear in your post.Enter your text here ...

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