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Shuttle Service at Spencer Gorge/Webster Falls CA

A shuttle service will now run between a large parking area just outside Dundas and Spencer Gorge/Webster Falls Conservation Area, for visitors to access this popular conservation area on weekends and holidays from Saturday, May 13 to Sunday, October 29, 2017.

Spencer Gorge/Webster Falls map

All waterfall parking for Spencer Gorge/Webster Falls Conservation Area will now be at Mizener’s Antiques and Fleamarket, located at 367 Highway 5 West in Dundas.  A shuttle bus will pick up visitors and stop at Greensville Optimist Park (access to Webster Falls) and Tew Falls (access to Dundas Peak).  Please note that there is no trail access between the two areas due to the closure of the trail section on private property that linked the two waterfalls.

Frequently asked questions for the shuttle service

All Hamilton Conservation Authority parking lots at Webster, Tew and Greensville Optimist Park will be closed on weekends and holidays during this time period, the only parking lot available will be at the Highway 5 location.  The only exception will be visitors with accessible parking permits, who will be allowed to park at Webster Falls parking lot. The shuttle service is operated by a local Greensville organization, in an arrangement with the Hamilton Conservation Authority, to address traffic and parking during high peak visitation and neighbourhood congestion and safety issues caused by cars parking along the roads.  By moving the parking to a larger area outside of the small neighbourhood surrounding the conservation area, visitors will easily be able to park and safely enter the conservation area and help alleviate traffic congestion.

A wristband policy will be in effect for all visitors to the conservation area. The cost for the shuttle will remain the same as the regular parking fee and entry fee to Spencer Gorge/Webster Falls, $10 per car for parking and $5 per person admission.  HCA passholders receive two walk-in admissions per pass, but the $10 parking fee will still apply.

Your wristband will also give you free access to any Hamilton Conservation Authority conservation area on the day of admission, please note that Confederation Beach Park (Wild Waterworks and Lakeland Pool) is excluded.

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