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Site Construction & Maintenance Week of March 5 Update 2

UPDATE 2:  (26Mar2018) There have been some problems this past week in viewing site pages on certain browsers. In particular, the Chrome browser on Windows was displaying page code as script instead of presenting the html page as it should. This did not seem to happen on Firefox where the pages were correctly displayed. It took a while to chase down the problem to over-aggressive caching in order to speed up the site. This has been corrected and I'm monitoring the site to see if the changes made have solved this annoying problem. The site seems to be performing correctly on Chrome at present. Thanks to all the people who reported a problem so I could get an idea of how widespread the problem was.

UPDATE: After a lot of preliminary work, the site was moved to a new faster host on Tuesday March 8 and then tested thoroughly before the final changeover was made. Once everything looked good, the dns settings were changed Wednesday afternoon, meaning the site was down the rest of Wednesday until the internet could find the new torontohiking location. On Thursday March 8, the site was now running on the new host and testing took place.Today, Friday, all seems well but if anyone notices anything unusual, please let us know. We apologize for any inconvenience caused by the move but we hope the faster response of the website will make up for that.

TorontoHiking will be undergoing site construction and maintenance from March 6-9, 2018. During this period there may be site outages for varying lengths of time making access to the site difficult. We will try to keep this to a minimum where possible. Please have patience and come back to us the following week.

Thanks for your understanding.

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