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Site down for upgrading tonight

The website will be unavailable for a period of time this evening beginning at midnight in order to undergo the move to an upgraded server. Hopefully this will add increased performance to the site and make access faster. The easiest way to increase site performance is to increase the amount of available memory or ram.

A server whose number of users consistently exceeds the amount of memory available will see performance suffer as the server has to tap into utilizing hard disk drive storage space for virtual memory, which is considerably slower than physical memory. The downside is that ram is quite expensive meaning an almost doubling of the monthly cost of running the server.

The amount of ram on our server is being increased form 1.5 GB to 4 GB or an increase of just over 250%.

Where is the COMMUNITY section?
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The upgrade was completed successfully by 4 am Toronto time. Apologies to the late night crowd.
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