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Slow Spring Predicted

​We all know that the spring we want is long overdue. But spring is typically volatile with a variety of weather and this year promises to be no different even if a bit late in arriving. Temperature and rainfall will be variable through April which will mean a later spring than usual. 

For Ontario, expect below normal temperatures across the north of the province with near normal temperatures in the south and east. The north will experience above normal precipitation with near normal again in the south and east. 

Some forecasters are predicting a spike in damaging thunderstorms, including some capable of producing tornadoes, during May and June. Thunderstorms are fueled by rising warm, moist air. As a general rule, the lower the temperature near the ground, the lower the risk for tornadoes and violent thunderstorms. 

This year, the ground is colder and the Great Lakes have an extensive amount of ice so waters are starting off colder than average. This can have a negative impact on temperatures in the lower atmosphere and may lessen the severity of severe weather events.

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