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TrailMap and RoadMap display on Hikes repaired

It was brought to may attention this morning that in all of the hikes, the TrailMaps and the Roadmaps were not displaying as they should. After many hours of investigation, I narrowed down the RoadMap issue to the fact that Google no longer supports the older http:// and so an easy fix was to add the "s" to make it https:// in all 62 hikes. The treailmaps are made on top of Google maps. The TrailMap was more challenging. If I substituted a jpg file for the pdf file, everything worked fine except that you cannot enlarge the jpg as you can with a pdf file. That was strange. Looking back it had been over a month since I introduced an updated module controlling this feature. Unfortunately the new module had a bug in not displaying pdf files properly. So I reinstalled the older module and now everything works as it should.

 I would like to thank members who let me know if something is not working properly. It's only then that I can get to work trying to fix something for the benefit of all users.

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