Today is the day we launch version 9 of and I’ll tell you it’s a big sigh of relief to reach that stage. That doesn’t mean that the work is all completed. Some things can’t be done until the site is live. An example of that are the logins by social media which will likely take a few days to get set up properly and get working. 

In addition, there’s the usual checking and correcting to see that everything is working as it should. Hopefully nothing gets lost in the update process.

Since it’s so close to the end of February, I’m going with the Spring website look for March, April and May. The site will still look quite familiar to those of you who frequented the previous site (v8) so it won’t be all new. 

Much of the changes are “under the skin” so many of the pages will look identical. But beneath, things are very different in terms of the html code. The tables which supported the previous site are all gone replaced with code and cascading style sheets (css.) Sorry for the bit of tech-speak.

It is this change along with a responsive theme that allows the site to display much better on mobile devices without finger contortions.

These are the principal changes:

We hope you enjoy the new site and find it even more useful. A special thank you to our advertisers, such as Grey County, for their assistance in supporting the site as well as individuals who support us through small donations.