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Winter 2014 Outlook

​Predictions are that Ontario will see a more typical winter than last year with some warm spells but also with several Arctic outbreaks especially in January and early February. We can already see this in the first week of January. 

The storm track from the Ohio Valley promises to be more active this winter. This means above normal precipitation and above normal snowfall along with some messy storms in Southern Ontario. Temperatures also promise to be below seasonal into March. Last winter was very short in duration and severity which won't be the case this year. It would be too much to expect two non-winters in a row. 

This also agrees with the Farmer's Almanac forecast which is calling for a "colder than normal" winter, particularly in late December into early january and February. Snowfall, the farmer's guide says, will be "near to above normal in Southwest Ontario and below normal elsewhere." 

The four months of last winter were 5.2C warmer than the minus 3.8C average. Snowfall at Toronto Pearson was 40 cm, 37 per cent of the normal 109.7 cm measured from September through March.

Predictions are that we will make up for this cold snowy winter by having a hot July and early August with a warmer and dryer than usual Fall. We can hope.

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