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Bridge in dense woods



001 - 002 | 1.4 kmTo begin the Devil's Glen to Mad River hike, walk past the small shack at the Devil's Glen Provincial Park parking lot and a Devil’s Glen sign on the right which indicates a path heading downhill for the Main Bruce Trail. (Continuing straight ahead for 40 m brings you to an elaborate lookout observation deck that is well worth a look.)
After a long rocky descent the trail meets a road with a bridge to the right. Instead walk across the large ski chalet parking lot to the far corner on the right and back into the woods shortly arriving at a split in the trail with the main trail heading straight ahead and the Mad River Side Trail going left (002) past the bridge over the Mad River.

002 - 003 | 3.6 kmBeyond the ski building keep to the right or far side of  a large mill pond. The trail follows alongside the Mad River and passes an old dam near a saw mill and lumber yard before it arrives at Glen Huron Road in the village of Glen Huron (003).

Across the road you will find Hamilton Brothers Farm & Garden Supply general store for snack food.

003 - 004 | 4.2 kmTurn right on Glen Huron Road and walk up the hill to the sign for Sideroad 15 & 16 on the left (004).

004 - 005 | 5.5 kmTurn right along the sideroad which heads upwards for over a kilometre until arriving at the top of the hill where it meets the Main Bruce Trail (005) and crosses a cart track.

005 - 002 | 10 kmTurn right onto the Main Bruce Trail entering the Devil’s Glen Ski Club property on a wide grassy path. Passing through a young pine woods to a large open area turn left and then after 400 m turn right before heading to the top of a ski slope.
The trail now follows a trail reroute along a descending path that zig-zags its' way down the hill before turning right to follow a road along the river to the Devil's Glen ski club bridge. (The ski facilities are for members only so do not ask to use them and please stay on the main trail.) Just before the bridge we once again meet the Mad River Side Trail at (002).

002 - 001 | 11.4 kmContinue along the main trail on the road to the left crossing a private parking lot where the trail turns left and enters the woods by Mad River. Walk carefully along the path as there are many exposed tree roots and the ground can be muddy and slippery after a rainfall even with the boardwalks.
The trail follows the river for a short distance before heading slowly uphill where it begins the long climb up a flight of wooden stairs to Devils Glen PP. Part way up you will see a surprising small waterfall threading its way down the escarpment. At the top, turn left to the parking lot (001) or head right for 40 m to the observation platform erected by the Ministry of Natural Resources.
Enjoy the hike and the day!

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