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This is a downtown Toronto urban walk that takes in a number of water fountains and water features. The walk begins and ends at Union Station and while some of the fountains may be out of operation at any one time, there is much to make this a pleasant walk which can be spread over two days.

Location and Description

1. Sundial at Harbourfront

2. Harbourfront Centre behind Lakeside Eats

3. Lower Bobbie Rosenfeld Park -SE Rogers Centre

4. Upper Bobbie Rosenfeld Park -SE Rogers Centre

5. Metro Hall Square West

6. Metro Hall Square East -beside Thompson Hall

6. Metro hall Square East -beside Thomson Hall

7. Roy Thomson Hall

8. University Avenue median strip

9. University and Queen median fountain

10. Canada Life Place -180 Simcoe St

10. Look in window at right to see greenhouse -This is the Canada Life Environment Room -open weekdays

11. Nathan Philips Square -From Nathan Philips Square, go under Queen St using the pedestrian concourse southbound to the Sheraton Centre Hotel. Take escalator up to main floor.

11. Same square with Moose (2000)

12. Sheraton Centre Hotel -inner courtyard

13. Open air view of above and upper waterfall

14. Sheraton waterfall in inner courtyard -Take elevator to the right of the waterfalls (Richmond Tower elevators) to third floor. Follow signs to pool entrance. Note that the door to the outdoors is usually locked.

15. Sheraton outdoors third floor pool -Exit to the right of the Bistro on the second floor and walk down the corridor to the elevated walk across Queen St. (now closed; go back to street.)

16. Trinity Square Park

17. Church of the Holy Trinity -Go west across Bay St to Hagerman St.

18. Hagerman St & Bay St

19. Beside JJ Muggs Gourmet Grill -now removed

20. Eaton Centre main fountain

21. Cloud Gardens

21. Cloud Gardens -see monument to Construction -See also the Monument to Construction Workers to the right of the waterfall. The greenhouse is sometimes open altho seldom on the weekend.

22. First Canadian Place interior waterfalls

23. First Canadian place outside -Outside First Canadian Place on the south wall in the park by the Toronto Stock Exchange

23. Same fountain during “Moose Year”

24.NW corner of Sun Life Centre

25. One University Ave -Heenan & University

26. Royal Bank Centre -Royal Bank Centre -take the escalator down past the main info desk and turn left by the inside food court. The fountain is sometimes dry. Exit straight ahead down the corridor.

27. Commerce Court outside -Bay & Wellington -Bay and Wellington St at the back south corner of the Canadian Bank of Commerce. Exit the plaza at the south east corner, through the doors, down the steps and finally up the escalator to the main floor of BCE Place.

27. As above with Moose

28. St. James Park -God’s Garden -King & Church

29. Beery Square -Scott & Front St.

30. BCE Place -outside centre water bog feature

31. Fountain in BCE Place by food court & Movenpick

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