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001 - 002 | 0.6 kmThis is a big loop hike that take you along the escarpment edge and through the Hilton Falls area. To begin, note that the Townline Road is closed just past the Bruce Trail crossing for quarry work. This whole section of the trail between (001) and (004) is quite a wet boggy area and a mosquito breeding ground so beware in mosquito season. From N-E Townline, the trail continues to wind easterly through a rocky wooded area and meets a farm access road (002).

002 - 003 | 1.1 kmThe trail turns left on this road and immediately comes to a creek flowing underneath the roadway. In wet season this creek overflows the road but it is not too difficult to pass most times.  Continue ahead until you see a blue marker on a tree indicating to turn right and head uphill.  The trail arrives at a very picturesque setting of a large pond with a weir and limestone cliff walls as backdrop.  The trail passes a small creek and climbs a stone outcropping before arriving at a wide creek. This may be difficult to pass in wet season as the creek is about 5 m wide and very fast flowing. Using a hiking pole for stability and stepping from rock to rock should get you across without getting too wet. Once across the creek, the trail soon arrives at the intersection with the Vanderleck Side Trail (003).

003 - 004 | 3.8 kmTurn right uphill to continue on the Hilton Falls Side Trail. The trail heads over a rocky outgrowth, heads downhill to a large pond with an old tire wheel. At this T-intersection turn right. The trail passes a swampy area with a lot of red dogwood along the wetland edges.  Just before an open metal gate and fence line, the trail swings left and continues through the woods. At an access road, quarry construction can be seen to the right at another fence and gate while the trail heads straight ahead into the woods. The trail begins a gradual climb and meets a fence line which it follows uphill until it crosses an access road and continues through the woods. The trail descends and continues through a very wet area with large pools of water on both sides.  Just past this area where the trail climbs uphill, be careful to watch for a left turn. Parts of the trail from this point on are not as well marked as they could be, so keep your eye out for blue blazes. The trail makes a bit of a U-turn at the top of the area. Looking down to the right, a very large wetlands pond can be seen. The trail becomes increasingly rocky and undulating with more wetlands areas.  The trail enters an area of Spruce as it heads downhill and skirts yet another pond. The route crosses a flat plank bridge over a creek and soon crosses another bridge and doubles back along the far side of the creek. The trail now enters a coniferous woods and crosses a sagging bridge and continues through the coniferous woods.  Leaving the woods the trail enters a more open deciduous woods where it soon meets the Bruce Trail at a T-intersection (004).

004 - 005 | 6.4 kmTurn right and follow the main Bruce Trail with its white blaze markings. Soon the views open up with some very dramatic views of the plains far below. The path winds dangerously close to the edge with a sheer drop. A golf course can be seen below along with views of the tall buildings in Mississauga. As the path heads south and then curves west, there are excellent views of Rattlesnake Point that towers over the town of Milton. The path soon arrives at the Dufferin Quarry Bridge which is a marvel of engineering. Before crossing the bridge take time to look at the display on your right that discusses the history of the bridge and the quarry (005).

005 - 006 | 9.7 kmCross over this long footbridge and follow the trail as it once again swings towards the escarpment edge. Although the trail is very rocky, many delicate wildflowers border the trail. The trail now begins to descend through a series of ridges along the edge of the cliffs past a collection of ancient cedars clinging to the cliff edge and face. There are some remarkably twisted tree growths here. Be carefully as there are patches of poison ivy in this area. You will pass through some rock crevices and cave like overhangs as you descend abruptly onto 6th Line. Carefully cross busy 6th Line and continue ahead as the trail descends between two large rock faces and skirts around another large rock formation. Emerging into a field, the trail crosses a small bridge and then over a stile.  From another open field you can see Hwy 401 ahead and a horse farm down below. The trail skirts the field past the transmission lines and enters back into the woods. The main Bruce Trail meets the Hilton Falls Side Trail which goes off to the right (006).

006 - 007 | 10.2 kmFollow the Hilton Falls Side Trail as it wanders through the woods skirting the southern tip of the quarry and crossing over a stile before meeting the Red Oak Trail in the Hilton Falls CA (007).

007 - 008 | 11.1 kmTurn right onto the wide Red Oak Trail and stay on the trail through this area. You will come to an intersection marked “E (008).

008 - 009 | 11.8 kmKeep right here and follow the wide trail to point “F”  (009) where you keep left leaving the blue marked side trail.

009 - 010 | 14.0 kmTurn left to follow the Beaver Dam Trail through a rocky area and across a bridge over the creek. The trail continues over a curved wooden bridge over a pond area with a creek running over some rapids on the right. The trail passes the Wally & Beaver bicycle track as it wanders through the woods and narrows down substantially. Soon you will see a gravel bridge with a culvert running underneath to allow Sixteen Mile Creek to pass through from the large beaver meadows pond on the right. At some times of the year you may have to wade knee-deep across this bridge which can be flooded. The trail passes another low wet area which is sometimes covered by water. However a small trail to your right skirts around this wet area on higher ground. Soon this trail meets up with the Hilton Side Trail as evidenced by the blue blazes (010).

010 - 011 | 14.6 kmLook for the blue side trail markings on a trail to the left and then head left to enter the woods. Follow the blue side trail blazes and when the trail meets a fire road keep left.  [This road leads to a small parking lot at 6th Line] (011).

011 - 012 | 15.0 kmFollow the blue blazed trail across a gravel bridge over a stream. Shortly after the stream, take the path to your right (012).

012- 013 | 16.5 kmThe trail continues through the woods before arriving at a T-intersection. Head right and follow the path north-east to where it eventually emerges into another parking lot on 6th Line (013).

013 - 001 | 19.0 kmFrom the small parking lot on the side of 6th Line, cross the road to the east side and look for a small wooden bridge over a marshy area. The trail is marked by the blue blazes of a Bruce Trail Side Trail. The trail heads eastwards through the forest past lush growths of ferns, wild rhubarb and other vegetation. Here the trail is relatively flat with a gentle climb along the fence line. The trail does a quick jog north at one point before continuing eastwards where it meets Townline Road (001). Enjoy the hike and the day!         [Revised: 05 Apr 2010 ]

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