• Southern Ontario Hiking Resources


About The Carolinian Life Zone

The moderate climate of this region is why it forms such a unique ecosystem. Read More...


About Ontario Tall Grass Communities

These grasslands show great diversity of grasses, wildflowers and animal life. Read More...


About Ontario Savannas

These are natural areas of mostly grasses with scattered open-grown trees. Read More...


About Ontario Wetlands

The different habitats include marshes, swamps, ponds, and peatland bogs. Read More...


About Ontario Prairies

A natural community that is dominated by grasses rather than by trees. Read More...


About the Toronto Waterfront Trail

The first section of the Waterfront Trail, Hamilton to Trenton officially opened in 1995. Read More...


About the Ontario Greenbelt Plan

A plan to llimit urbanization  to preserve farmland & ecological features. Read More...


About the Great Lakes Basin

This land area accounts for all water flows into the Great Lakes. Read More...

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