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Eighteen Mile Creek FallsEighteen Mile Creek Falls

Eighteen Mile Creek Falls (Rating=C) is a small 4 m crest cascade plunge waterfalls that drops the Eighteen Mile Creek six metres into the gorge below.


Eighteen Mile Creek Falls is located near Jordan in Niagara Region, Ontario west of St. Catharines. Although the falls can be reached from 17th St or 19th St, it's best to park on the sideroad lot at the curve on Glen Rd. and hike back along the Bruce Trail.
Falls Type: cascade plunge   Falls facing: S
Falls Latitude: N43.13459    Longitude: W79.36473
Height: 4 m    Width: 5 m
Click on the Road Map button below for a Google map and directions. The Falls Locator button shows a map of other waterfalls in the area.


Moderate; requires some hiking (1 km) along the Bruce Trail. Not wheelchair accessible. Click on the Trail Map button below for area walking trails.


Overall Rating: Eighteen Mile Creek Falls = C

Waterflow: B -seasonal flow
Falls Size: C - < 15 m
Aesthetics: B -wooded scenic area, deep gorge, very isolated.

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Bruce Trail, Jordan Side Trail, The Twenty Trail. For a map of area trails, click on the Trail Map icon above.

Access to the falls is by way of the Bruce Trail. The fastest and easiest access is from Nineteenth Street where the falls is only 400 m to the east along the trail. However there is no place to park where the Bruce Trail crosses Nineteenth St. You could try parking further down the road where the bush ends and the road shoulder is wider. A better place to park is a little further away at the curve on Glen Road. Then head downhill 5 m to pick up the Bruce Trail where it crosses the road. This is a 1 km walk to the falls. The trail eventually follows alongside Eighteen Mile Creek and the falls and gorge are right ahead. There can be dense vegetation along the banks of the creek which you don't want to trample.


eighteen-mile-creekDry creek bed above the fallsThe falls is on the Bruce Trail, just east of the Nineteenth Street road crossing and is accessible by this trail system. It was essentially dry when I visited on 20 August 2010 but you could hear a small trickle of water flowing even though you could only see small ponds of water along the creek bed above the falls. Balls Falls is nearby. The gorge is surprisingly large and you can see evidence of the rock strata in the gorge walls. The upper part of the falls has eroded back somewhat, leaving a dolomite ledge over a cave-like area where there is space behind the falling water. The water drops to a rock ramp and then drops a bit to the base of the falls.


warningThis is quite a large gorge and there are no obvious paths down to the base. Nearer to the falls there is a lot of loose talus making a descent there more likely as the walls of the gorge are less steep. However just upstream a bit there is a path down to the creek above the falls that is partly blocked by two fallen trees. After a bit this path splits a a Y-intersection. The path to the right takes you to the creek bed above the falls where with care you can cross and climb the rock staircase on the far side to look at the falls from the other side. Back at the intersection, heading left takes you on a path that heads downwards giving you a good closeup view of the falls. The trail is not that difficult but exercise care.


L47F Louth Falls to Balls Falls and L48F Rockway Falls to Balls Falls

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