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Eugenia Falls



001 - 002 | 1.5 kmTo begin the Eugenia Falls to Hogg's Falls hike, head to the far end of the parking lot and into the woods where you will find blue trail blazes. Stay on the trail to the right that curves to a stone wall that you can follow to view Eugenia Falls . Returning, take the trail up the hill which soon leaves the road and heads through a cedar woods along the edge of Cuckoo Valley. At a Y- intersection, follow the blue blazes up the hill to the left along a grassy pathway and into an open meadow. Continue straight ahead through this meadow. The trails climbs a dirt path up to a pinnacle with a great view of the surrounding area and the Cuckoo Valley ahead and then circles around and heads down the side of the hill through an abandoned apple orchard. The trail arrives at Lower Valley Rd (002).

002 - 003 | 3.1 kmTurn left along this road passing a misleading sign and look for a Bruce Trail triangle and turn left into the woods where the blue blazes reappear. After circling around the sides of various hills we arrive at a stile over a fence and the intersection with the blue blazes of Hogg’s Falls Loop Upper Side Trail. (003)

003 - 004 | 4.7 kmPast the stile the trail heads left (south) towards Hogg’s Falls along the fence past a pile of old logs on the right. The trail crosses an expansive open farm field across a ridge between a valley on both sides. The trail enters a heavily wooded ridge between two valleys and comes to a stile over the fence.  The trail then heads down to meet the Hogg's Falls Lower Side Trail (004).

004 - 005 | 6.4 kmThe main trail turns left and  drops down to meet Lower valley Road. Just across the road it once again meets Hogg's Falls Lower Side Trail (005).

005 - 006 | 6.8 kmThe trails in this area have been a bit confusing so some changes were made and now more changes have been made. The side trails are a bit different from the trail map but the changes should be clear from the signage.
Keep to the right and follow the Hogg's Falls Lower Side Trail. The trail continues north along the river passing the Hogg's Falls parking lot and continues on the beautiful Hogg's Falls (006).

006 - 007 | 7.6 kmThe trail curves to the right, crosses Lower Valley Rd and continues east to meet the Hogg's Falls Upper Side Trail. Return on this blue marked side trail loop back towards Eugenia Falls. The trail again crosses Lower Valley Rd and heads back into the woods.
The trail soon arrives at another intersection. Turn left at this intersection and continue on a tractor path that leads into the woods until the trail once again meets Lower Valley Rd (007).

007 - 002 | 10.6 kmTurn right on Lower Valley Rd passing the point where the trail goes back into the woods. If you do take this trail back into the woods you will be retracing your route back to Eugenia Falls. As an option, stay on Lower Valley Rd until you reach waypoint ( 002).

002 - 001 | 12.1 kmTurn right leaving the road and continue back along your original path. Near the end you have the option of taking an alternate route as shown on the trail map but the original route along the escarpment edge is much nicer. Soon you arrive back at the Eugenia Falls parking lot (001).

Don’t forget to visit the Eugenia Falls Emporium across the street. It’s worth a visit before and after the hike.
Enjoy the hike and the day!

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