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The trail high above the creek



001 - 002 | 0.5 kmFrom the Grindstone Creek roadside parking area on Snake Rd, head east and climb a gradual slope to the top of the ravine and follow the trail as it follows the ravine edge. Crossing three flat plank bridges over drainage creeks, the trail turns right at a large fallen tree mass and continues through the woods. At a T-intersection, continue on the main Bruce Trail (002).

002 - 003 | 1.9 kmGoing right, the trail begins a long gradual descent, swings left and then continues the descent. Do not cross the wooden bridge but stay on this side of the creek as the trail curves left. The trail winds along the side of the ravine for some distance. Then the trail makes a sharp right turn and you can see and hear the flowing water of Grindstone Creek below. We arrive at Grindstone bridge and cross the creek over a wooden bridge (003).

003 - 004 | 3.8 kmPast the bridge, the trail begins to climb a slope and winds its way along until it descends and follows the edge of Limestone Creek. A series of mini-waterfalls and rapids  become evident in the rushing water. The trail now continues to climb along a set of wooden berm steps to arrive at Smokey Hollow and The Great Falls (004).

004 - 005 | 4.8 kmLeaving the observation platform, the trail crosses Mill St and continues past the house on the left on a narrow path on a mowed open grassy meadow. The path heads uphill between a stand of trees and arrives at Renwood Pl and continues to the right along the street turning right onto Flanders Dr. The trail soon arrives at Mountain Brow Road and the beginning of the Waterdown Woods Side Trail (005).

005 - 007 | 6.3 kmYou are now in the BTC-owned McNally property. Stay on the main Bruce Trail crossing Mountain Brow Rd and then a stile. The main Bruce Trail is rerouted through this section. At a T-intersection with the McNally Side Trail, stay left on the main trail. The trail follows a narrow path between grassy areas and enters an open wooden area with little underbrush.  This is the Conservation Halton’s Waterdown Woods area. Following a fence line the trail heads forward to the woods and another stile to cross. The trail now enters an alleyway with a plastic fence on both sides and reaches a gravel road where it turns left. A wide open dirt road soon turns right and soon passes a tall tower on the left. Up ahead we meet the return of the Waterdown Woods Side Trail (007).

007 - 006 | 6.8 kmContinue straight ahead through mature hardwoods to King Road (006).

006 - 007 | 7.4 kmAt King Road you can walk to the stone wall at the Escarpment edge to view the area below. Return to (007) and the Waterdown Side Trail.

007 - 005 | 8.1 kmContinue straight ahead on the Waterdown Side Trail (WST) which parallels Mountain Brow Road. This trail can be very muddy in wet weather and under those conditions it would be best to stay on the main trail. The WST is no longer part of the Bruce Trail and is not maintained so it is best to avoid it and stay on the main trail -however the WST is not closed. The side trail once again meets the main trail (005).

005 - 004 | 8.7 kmTurn right on the main trail and continue back to the Great Falls (004).

004 - 003 | 10.4 kmFollow the main Bruce Trail back to the bridge (003).

003 - 002 | 11.9 kmCrossing the bridge, return to (002).

002 - 001 | 12.4 kmLeaving this point you have a long strenuous climb up the slope and then back down to Snake Road and the parking spot (001).
Enjoy the hike and the day!

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