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boardwalk over wet areaboardwalk over wet area



001-002 | 0.93 kmFrom the parking lot just past the Harrison Park Inn, walk over the Sydenham River on the curved bridge to an open area. Turn right and walk south along the Sydenham River following the blue blazes, soon crossing over a small bridge over the river. You are now following the Harrison Park Side Trail. Turn left and continue up a rocky slope. At a fork in the road head off to the right on a narrow grassy trail through an open shrubby area arriving at a Y-intersection with the Creamery Hill Side Trail (002).

002 - 003 | 1.8 kmAt this Y-intersection, keep to the left moving uphill. At the top, the trail continues straight ahead on a grassy path through a meadow and comes to a T-intersection. Turn left here and climb the grassy slope to another T-intersection meeting a gravel path. Turn right onto this path. The trail passes a picnic shelter (with locked washrooms on Sept 22) and enters an open grassy park area passing a parking lot on the right. Leaving the park, the trail heads right entering a deep dark wood on a gravel trail. Soon the sound of rushing water can be heard ahead. The trail arrives at a metal bridge over the river. Over the bridge, the trail turns right alongside the raging river before entering the woods and climbing a slope to meet the main Bruce Trail (003).

003 - 004 | 3.3 km
Now follow the white blazes of the main BT and cross a flat narrow platform over a drainage ditch with water flowing down into the river. The trail continues over a long curved wooden boardwalk following the curve in the ravine and sloping downhill as the river flows rapidly down below. The trail now continues on a rocky path through the woods. At a Y-intersection, keep to the right following the white blazes and ignore the sign indicating that Inglis Falls is to the left -which is an alternate trail.
After a rocky climb to the top of the escarpment, the trail is relatively flat passing through a mixed woods on a 2 m wide gravel trail before passing the crest of Inglis Falls and arriving at the parking lot (004).  Here there are picnic tables, great views of the falls, an information centre and open washrooms. If you'd like to see the falls from below, you can leave the viewing platform and walk out onto the rocks, view the interesting rock formations and then continue down to a rocky path alongside the river.

004 - 005 | 5.2 kmFrom the washrooms, head towards the river and look for the blue sign marked Keeling Side Trail and follow the blue blazes on this trail. (This was the former Main Bruce trail.) The trail is fairly flat for some time now but this is a low lying area and in places the trail is inches deep in water due to heavy rains the night before. The trail arrives at busy Highway 10 where you need to cross the road and turn right. Walk along the road to a guard rail with a blue mail box and at this point head left into the woods where you will see a white Bruce Trail sign (005).

005 - 006 | 5.6 kmThe trail enters the scrubby rocky woods with little undergrowth but lots of fallen small branches on the ground. The trail undulates and curves around the rocks until it meets the flat raised rail trail (006).

005 - 006 | 6.8 kmTurn left onto the rail trail and continue to Story Book Park Road (007).

007 - 008 | 8.1 kmContinue straight ahead on the rail trail until you meet an intersection with the Main Bruce trail (008). Be careful not to miss this turn.

008 - 009 | 9.3 kmTurn left onto the Main Bruce trail along a narrow grassy trail heading back into the woods. The trail passes alongside a corn field in and out of the woods for a considerable distance before arriving at Superior Street (009).

009 -010 | 12.1 kmTurn left and follow this road to busy Highway 10. Do not cross the street here. Instead turn left and walk down Highway 10 for about 200 m until you see the white right turn blaze. Carefully cross this busy highway now that you have a better view of traffic coming both ways. We note that there is an ice cream store there -just saying. Once across the highway follow the curved path to the communication tower which you can climb for a better view of the surrounding area and Georgian Bay to the north.
Leaving the tower, be careful to follow the trail with the white blazes. We now enter a very challenging rocky area with huge boulders as the trail undulates up and down the side of the escarpment passing a number of huge cubist rock formations. This area continues for some 250 m where the going is slow with the need to carefully plant each step. At one point you will pass through a rock arch which makes a good photo spot for a hiking companion photo. Finally, gasp, gasp, the Harrison Park Side Trail sign comes into view (010).

010 - 011 | 12.3 kmTurn left onto the Harrison Park Side trail and begin to descend the escarpment on a zig-zag trail. (The Main Bruce trail continues straight ahead.) Partway down the escarpment we meet the Palisades Side Trail which goes off to the left but we continue all the way down arriving at 7th Ave E and a subdivision (011).

011 - 001 | 14.3 kmContinue straight ahead on 1st St E passing three houses and turning right into a grassy lot picking up the Harrison Park Side Trail blue blazes once again. The trail now follows along the creek and passes a green metal gate meeting a Y with the trail heading left into the woods. Soon a metal bridge appears on the right which brings you back to the Harrison Park Inn and the starting point of the hike (001).

This is a good time to visit the Inn for welcome refreshments and good food.
Enjoy the hike and the day!

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on the way to Inglis Falls

L58F Inglis Falls

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Centennial tower

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