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Picking a Hike for Fall Colours

If you are looking for a fall colours hike, try one of these or see below for fall colour drives and photos.

L05 Rattlesnake Point to Crawford Lake
Central area | 15.5 km | Rolling hills with good varied colour
L06 IMG 6748

L06 Hockley Valley
Orangeville area | 13.7 km | One of the best for fall colours
L06 IMG 6748

L04 Rouge River Valley
Eastern area | 10 km | Nice walk to view fall colours
L04 DSC01792

L08 Boyne River PP
Orangeville area | 14.5 km | Challenging but much colour along the way
L08 102 0207 IMG

L09F Dundas Valley Ancaster Waterfalls
Hamilton area | 13 km | A nice fall colours walk -later than most
L09F DSC03914

L11F Shorthills PP 456
Niagara area | 15.3 km | Large variety of colours
L11F 151 5191

L13 Mono Cliffs PP
Orangeville area | 16.3 km | A great lookout point for fall colours
L13 150 5095

L14F Forks of the Credit PP
Orangeville area | 16.5 km | Much to recommend for fall coloursOrangeville
L14F 149 4926

L15 Albion Hills CA
Orangeville area | 9 km | An easy hike for fall colour viewing
L15 IMG 7145

L33F Grindstone Creek -Waterdown Woods
Hamilton area | 12.5 km | Nice colours along the creek rapids
L06 IMG 6748

L38 Boyne to Mulmur Hills
Orangeville area | 18 km | A challenging hike but good colours
L38 IMG 8734

L40 Backus Woods to Heritage Village
Western area | 14 km | An easy fall colours walk
L40 IMG 7340

L51F Hilton Falls Conservation Area
Central area | 11 km | Large mixed hardwood forest with wooded swamps
L06 IMG 6748

L53 Hemlock Ridge
Orangeville 17 km Challenging but rewarding for fall colours
L53 IMG 1140b

L62 Nashville CR
Orangeville area | 7 km | Undulating terrain with mixed colour along the Humber River
L06 IMG 6748


Picking an Urban Walk for Fall Colours

W02 Highland Creek/East Pt. Park
| 12 km | Excellent colour along the flat banks of Highland Creek
L06 IMG 6748

W04 The Beltline and Central Ravines
| 12 km | Mostly flat terrain passing Mount Pleasant Cemetery and Evergreen Brickworks
L06 IMG 6748

W07 Humber River North Linear
| 9 km | Colourful scenic walk along the Humber passing James Gardens
L06 IMG 6748



Other Recommended Sites for Fall Colours

We have no fall colour photos for these sites but if you'd be willing to send us one, we'll post it here. Have some good additions to the list? Let us know and we'll add them.

Mount Nemo

Dundas Peak (Spencer Gorge CA)

King Forest (Happy Valley)

Niagara Glen

Elora Gorge

Scarborough Bluffs

Algonquin Park

Evergreen Brick Works

Lynde Shores CA

Apple Wood Trail

Humber Arboretum (Etobicoke)

Joker's Hill CA

Uxbridge Trails

Bronte Creek PP

Altona Forest

Dorset Lookout Tower


The photos in the Fall Colours photo album  and/or video were submitted by our hiking community to illustrate the variety and intensity of colours in the fall Ontario landscape.



We'd be pleased to have you send us your fall colours photos for inclusion in our next Fall Colours photo album or video. Just use our Contact Us form on the home page.

See our Ecology Section for more on Fall Colours and why leaves change colour.

Some Fall Colour Drives

  • The Forks of the Credit Road. This road runs west off Highway 10 where the highway begins to climb to the north up the Escarpment. There is some great fall colours along the Forks of the Credit Road as it twists, turns and dips to follow the Credit River.

  • Escarpment Road. Less than a kilometre further north of the above Forks of the Credit Road, the Escarpment Road runs east off Highway 10 and is a nice drive to view fall colours.

  • Hockley Road. A bit north of Orangeville on Hwy 10, Hockley Road runs west as it twists its' way over to Airport Road.

  • Caledon Drive. Take Airport Road north to Hockley Road. Turn east on Hockley Road to Highway 10. Then head south through Orangeville to either or both of The Forks of the Credit Road and/or the Escarpment Road to explore the beautiful fall colours of the region.

  • L52F Grey County Magnificent Seven. A long very interesting 150 km all-day drive visiting 7 waterfalls and much fall colour along the way and at the falls.
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