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Location Maps -Picking a Hike by Region

In order to help you select hikes in a particular area, we have grouped the hikes by location. Click on the region map to see a larger map showing the hike locations for that area. For a more precise locator, use the Road Map icon in the individual hike.


Hikes in the areas of Niagara Falls, Thorold and St. Catharines

LOCATOR Niagara 2015


Hikes in the Hamilton region -Dundas, Ancaster, Hamilton, Waterdown areas

LOCATOR Hamilton 2011B


Hikes in the Central region from Milton north to Terra Cotta

LOCATOR Centre 2015


Hikes in the Orangeville region from Terra Cotta north to Mulmur Township

LOCATOR Orangeville 2016


Hikes north of Mulmur Township to Georgian Bay

LOCATOR North 2015s


Hikes west of Kitchener

LOCATOR West 2011B


Hikes east of the Don Valley Expressway (404)

LOCATOR East 2015

Far Eastern

Hikes from Oshawa to Cobourg

LOCATOR Far East 2014

Picking an Easy, Shorter Hike

While some of the hikes below seem to be on the long side, the distances that are marked with an asterisk (*) can be shortened to suit by omitting loops. See the individual hike trail maps to see how the lengths can be altered. This reduced length will change the difficulty level from Intermediate to Beginner.

L26 Mount Nemo CA
L26 IMG 2380Central Region 5 km* A good beginners walk along the escarpment edge

L15 Albion Hills CA
L15 IMG 7145Orangeville Region 9 km* Rolling hills and you might see a deer

L04 Rouge Park
L04 IMG 6150East Region 10 km* Interesting trails along the Rouge River

L37F Elora Gorge
L37 IMG 0226panWest Region 10 km* A good hike after the camping season is over

L16 Cheltenham Badlands
L16 IMG 7241Orangeville Region 11 km* A one of a kind moonscape

L54F Chedoke Falls
L54 IMG 2185 panHamilton Region 11 km* Interesting walk with a high and low perspective

L51F Hilton Falls CA
L51 107 0753 panCentral Region 11.5 km* A great place for a family outing with picnic tables

L09F Dundas Valley Ancaster Waterfalls
L09 IMG 6762 panHamilton Region 13 km* A number of great waterfalls along the hike

L21 Walker Woods
L21 IMG 8350bEast Region 14 km* Lots of trails; can be confusing

L40 Backus Woods to Heritage Village
L40 IMG 7338 West Region 14 km* Avoid in mosquito season

L28 RBG North Shore
L28 IMG 4594Hamilton Region 14 km* Beautiful walk along the North Shore of Hamilton harbour

L24 Queenston Heights to Fireman's Park
L24 IMG 1456Niagara Region 14 km Good if you have two cars to jockey

L23 Eldred King Woodlands
L23 IMG 1490East Region 15 km* Some sandy trails; poor trail markings



Picking a Challenging Hike

Looking for a challenge,  or working to build endurance and strength? You'll enjoy these hikes for sure. Hmmmm! Guess everyone in the Orangeville area must be fit.

L08 Boyne River PP
L08 DSC00326panOrangeville Region 14.5 km Very hilly terrain; nice views from Murphy's Pinnacle

L06 Hockley Valley
L06 IMG 8248panOrangeville Region 13.7 km Very hilly terrain -good cardio workout

L31 Hockley Heights
L31 IMG 6539Orangeville Region 23 km Long and the "Three Sisters" hills are tough

L19 Humber Valley
L19 IMG 7253Orangeville Region 26 km Not so difficult but long

L38 Boyne to Mulmur Hills
L38 IMG 0416panOrangeville Region 18 km return Lots of hills but beautiful route; good lookouts

L39 Boyne to Pine River
L39 IMG 0484panOrangeville Region 21 km linear An extension of L38 north to the Pine River Fishing Pond

L53 Hemlock Ridge
L53 IMG 1170 panOrangeville Region 17 km return A great hike with great lookouts and fall colour

L46F Rockway to Louth Falls
L46 104 0404 pan Niagara Region 7.5 km Not long but some challenging ravines in wet weather


Picking a Long Hike

If you are looking for a long hike, try one of these. Just be sure to bring plenty of water on a hot day.

L07 Dufferin Quarry
L07 132 3297panCentral Region 19 km Great loop hike; avoid mosquito season

L39 Boyne to Pine River
L39 IMG 0484panOrangeville Region 21 km linear Very hilly terrain

L32 Woodford Bayview Extension
L32 IMG 6292North Region 22.5 km Rocky but nice views out to Georgian Bay; noisy if the military are training

L17 Thorold North
L17 IMG 7064Niagara Region 22.6 km Not so difficult but long

L31 Hockley Heights L31 IMG 6539
Orangeville Region 23 km Long large loop and the "Three Sisters" hills are tough

L19 Humber Valley Heritage L19 IMG 7253
Orangeville Region 26 km return A great hike but long if returning; better with car jockeying

L18 Thorold South
L18 IMG 7171Niagara Region 26.7 km A long walk through old canal areas

L20 Palgrave to Glen Haffy L20 IMG 8518
Orangeville Region 30 km return Start early if your doing the whole return hike


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