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Bruce Trail trail markings

The main Trail is marked with white blazes. Blazes are rectangles of white paint usually about 15 cm high and 5 cm wide  on trees, fence posts, rocks, and stiles.

The blazes may vary in size somewhat depending on the surroundings. Typically the blaze faces you as you approach. If the path ahead is not obvious, another blaze should be visible from the first.

If the path is straightforward, the blazes are usually less frequent.


Side Trails are marked in blue blazes. Keep an eye on these different blazes when hiking to avoid getting lost.

If you lose the Trail, return to where you saw the last blaze and look carefully for the next blaze. If the Trail is rerouted for regeneration or when a landowner withdraws permission to use the trail, the blazes are usually covered over with dark paint. Always follow the proper blazes staying off closed sections of the Trail.

The art illustrations below explain the meaning of the common blazes encountered on the Bruce Trail.

Trail systems other than the Bruce often use their own markings. In other countries the markings may be quite different, so it is wise to study these before hiking


100-0020 srt

A single white blaze indicates the path is straight ahead.

100-0028_art A double blaze of any colour indicates a change in direction. A double blaze is indicated by two parallel marks with one marking lower than the other. The higher mark indicates the direction the path turns. Here the marking indicates to turn right.

This double blaze of white paint indicates you are on the main Bruce Trail and that the trail is about to turn left since the higher marking is on the left side.

100 0026 artblue

This blue blaze indicates you are hiking on a Bruce trail side trail. The single blaze indicates that the trail is straight ahead


Here the higher blaze marking is on the right indicating that this side trail will turn right.


This Bruce side trail blue marking has the higher blaze on the left indicating the trail will turn left.

100 0025 artT
This “T” blaze indicates the end of a side trail either when it rejoins the main trail or at some other point such as a lookout from which you must backtrack.


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