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Hike Info

N43.890540 W079.751664 

About 29 km return (~21 km if beginning at waypoint 002); 15.4 km (001)-(006); 12 km (001 - 005). Recent changes between 001-002 added another 1.3 km to all distances

7 h

Intermediate-advanced; somewhat hilly and long with some challenging terrain.

575 m

A series of climbs with many long flat areas through some very beautiful countryside. Some road walking required to complete the loop but the roads used are not busy. Many bridges to cross over the numerous streams in the area. The rolling topography of the Humber Valley Heritage Trail is typical of the Oak Ridges Moraine landscape.The section between 001-002 needs improvement.

Free parking at the Caledon Centre near the ball diamond (001) and in the new lot at Duffys Ln (002) off the Emil Kolb. Parking is also available at (005) on Duffys Lane past Old Church Road and may be ok on Mill Lane south of (006) just off Humber Station Road.


At any of the interesting spots along the way.

08Oct2004; 26May2006; 21Jul2013,12Oct2013; 01Sept2016, 01Sept2017

Not wheelchair accessible; Note that in the summer, grass and weeds may be shoulder high in many areas making the trail challenging to follow as the trail is not well maintained.

: 2016: The new Emil Kolb Pkwy cuts across the trail just before [002] resulting in a loop to the south to cross the Parkway before returning northward to [002]. This adds about 1.3 km to the hike. There is a parking lot now at [002]. The section of the trail between 001 and 002 is now completed (fall 2017). You can begin the hike at either  waypoint (001) or at waypoint (002) For more info and map of this starting point, see the Admin blog post The Humber Trail: A Strange Tale. Coordinates of waypoint 002 are N43.88830 W79.77357. This is a good spot to begin the hike.
Updates 2017: Trail between 001 &  002 is now open. The trailmap has been updated to add new information and show the updated route around the Emil Kolb Pkwy which adds a lengthy (1.3 km) boring grassy tractor trail to the Emil Kolb underpass and then up the paved Duffys Ln. I still recommend beginning the hike at 002 until the 001-002 section is upgraded and made safer. Challenging terrain on the route is marked on the trailmap.

Take the shortcut between 005 and 007 skipping the Albion Hills section.
For a 9.4 km loop hike, park at [002], hike to [004], then turn right and walk back 3 km along Duffys Lane to [002].

Humber River

Snowshoeing, cross-country skiing


The Site

The Humber Valley Heritage Trail

A connecting trail leading the Humber Valley Heritage Trail begins just north of Bolton at the intersection of Hwy 50 and Columbia Way. Follow this trail which connects to the HVHT all the way up to and through Albion Hills arriving at Humber Station Road. To make a loop of the hike, follow Humber Station Road and Castlederg Sideroad before reconnecting with the  Humber Valley Heritage Trail. Neither of these roads are busy. A long hike but very interesting with much to see and enjoy along the way. You can join the Humber Valley Heritage Trail Association  and the Caledon Chapter to participate in their hiking programme year-round or to help maintain this beautiful trail.

Humber Valley wetland

The Humber Valley Heritage Trail Association (HVHTA) has built and is maintaining a hiking trail along the beautiful Humber Valley north from Bolton, Ontario to join with the Bruce Trail and the Caledon Trailway. It is hoped, with other chapters, to eventually develop a trail all the way down the Humber Valley to the Waterfront Trail on Lake Ontario. Volunteers help build and maintain the trail. During the warmer months they have work parties many Saturday mornings starting at 9:00 am. If you would like to help, call Terry McKinlay Trail Maintenance Director (905-857-9424) for details.

commentI did this long hike with a group of friends on a very hot and humid summer day. The heat was oppressive but we decided to go on and shorten the hike if necessary. Most people did not bring enough water even though being advised to do so. When we got to waypoint  (005), the 11 km mark, at Old Church Road, some took the option of skipping the longer walk into Albion Hills and opting to walk along Old Church Road to waypoint (007) to wait for us there. By the time we got back to waypoint (003) on the return, most of the group were out of water and others were sharing what little they had left. When we got to a small creek, a lot of people could not resist cooling off their hot bare feet in the bit of creek water available. Definitely a hike no one will forget. But this is a great hike! Just opt for better weather.

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I did this hike recently (June 2020) - the full 29 km loop. It was a solid route. There were comments here about grass and weeds being shoulder high, making the trail difficult to find - that wasn't a problem when I went.

The biggest issue I had...

I did this hike recently (June 2020) - the full 29 km loop. It was a solid route. There were comments here about grass and weeds being shoulder high, making the trail difficult to find - that wasn't a problem when I went.

The biggest issue I had with this route is everything from waypoint 006 onwards (about 14 km) is either a fairly uninteresting road walk, or doubling back on earlier parts of the route (waypoints 003 back to the start). For that reason, I prefer L20 - also a 30 km loop, nearby with similar terrain, and although there's still a lot of road walking there, I found it to be more scenic/quiet, and there's no doubling back at all.

Peter Albert
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