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Last minute checks

driverslicenceDon't leave home without carrying some identification. If you have an accident or medical emergency, it can save a lot of grief.  It is a very good idea to carry a health information card listing your name, address, phone, emergency contacts, important health conditions, blood type, organ donation preferences and religious restrictions. I think it wise to take a couple of dollars just in case you want to buy a snack or drink or other small item. Also bring along a few dollars to provide your driver with gas money for the drive to the hike starting point and return. Carry your identification and money in a zippered pocket of your clothing or pack, and check once in a while to make sure the zipper is closed. Bring along your club membership card for free admission to many provincial hiking sites.


thebrucetrailconservancySo what happens? You open the door, head out and pull the door shut shut before uttering an obscenity when you realize you just locked your house or car keys inside. And there's not a locksmith or auto club van in sight! We've all been there! As well keep your auto keys in a secure place when hiking. You don’t want to finish the hike with the anticipation of a refreshing cold drink in a relaxing pub or restaurant only to find your keys missing. This is a good way to ruin the whole day -not something you want to do for sure.

Even worse is to find your parked car at the trailhead has been broken into. Don't leave anything of value in sight inside the car. Hide your auto gps. This lessens the chance someone will break into your car.

  • Make it a ritual to lock your door with the key, then you are assured that you have it when you leave.
  • Make spare keys and put them on a keyring that you will keep zipped into your walking jacket or pack.
  • Join an auto club that will come unlock your car for you, eventually.
  • When you arrive home after a great hike and reflect on your enjoyable day, consider making a gift to the Bruce Trail Conservancy to help preserve the Bruce Trail for all time.



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