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001 - 002 | 1.5 km The golf club no longer allows parking in their lot for hikers as they now have no excess parking. As an alternative, park at nearby Hilton Falls CA on Campbellville Road. From the parking lot at Hilton Falls take the 0.7 km Philip Gosling Side Trail which connects to the main Bruce Trail at waypoint (003). Turn right and continue on the hike. This shortens the hike by about 1.6 km.

Later reports say parking is once more available at the golf club. Might be best to phone ahead.

Ignore this note -unless starting the hike at the golf club..
[old: From the Halton County Golf Club parking lot head back towards the 6th line. Near the road on your right you will see a large stone boulder and a Bruce Trail sign indicating private land. Turn right onto the trail and continue ahead as the trail descends between two large rock faces and skirts around another large rock formation. Emerging into a field, the trail crosses a small bridge and then over a stile.  From another open field you can see Hwy 401 ahead and a horse farm down below. The trail skirts the field past the transmission lines and enters back into the woods. The main Bruce Trail meets the Hilton Falls Side Trail which goes off to the right. Continue straight ahead on the main Bruce Trail (white blazes) (002).]

002 - 003  1.9 km[ old: Descending gradually the trail comes out to an open field which it skirts passing under the hydro transmission lines. The trail leaves the field and turns left heading downhill into the woods.] The trail meets the Philip Gosling Side Trail (003) as we continue straight ahead on the main trail.

003 - 004 | 2.6 kmAt Campbellville Road, cross the road jogging a bit  to the right to pick up the trail again as it enters a pine forest before arriving at a more open area before crossing a somewhat unstable bridge over a creek. At a post with white blazes the trail goes to the left and follows a wide grassy path up a slight slope.  After a few zig-zags, the trail reaches a stile and then Appleby Line. Turn left on the road and proceed to Hwy 401 (004).

004 - 005 | 3.2 kmContinue past the 401 underpass and look up ahead for a chain link fence on the left with a sign that you are now entering the Kelso Conservation Area (005).

005 - 006 | 4.3 kmThe trail follows a  paved road before splitting off to the left on a gravel road that circles an open Kelso field with picnic tables. The trail arrives at the Kelso overpass bridge over the railway tracks (006). Cross the bridge and continue on the white blazed Bruce Trail to the right.

006 - 007  5.1 kmThe trail follows a gravel road into an overgrown clay road. The trail circles a hill with large posts. There seems to be a hawk perched on every pole watching your passing.  Curving away from the tracks, the trail passes a junk pile and small shack. Climbing a gravel stone hill the trail arrives at a chain link fence in front of a large stone column and follows the side of the fence past an old lime kiln. The trail circles the kiln climbing a steep incline and then climbs more gradually past some stone formations. At an open field at the top of the ski hill there is a good view of the 401 and the surrounding countryside below. The trail arrives at a V-gate (007) and goes left on the main trail.

007 - 008  5.6 kmThe trail climbs up a dirt path by a huge stone wall and turns to the left. The trail circles up a stone pathway to a flat treed area above where it meets the Glen Eden Side Trail on the right (008). Keep to the left on the main Bruce Trail.

008 - 009 | 8.3 kmThe trail passes a rock garden and continues through a deciduous forest area. To the left you can see the top of the ski hill run that provides a good lookout location. Following the edge of the escarpment to the left there are some great lookout areas where you can see Kelso Lake and the area surroundings. The flat stone rocks of the Kelso Bluffs are a great lunch spot. After some time the trail swings away from the escarpment edge heads back into the woods before circling around and arriving at a fence with a stile. At Y-intersection keep to the left along the Deer Run Trail which is the main Bruce Trail. The trail skirts the edge of a regeneration area past a few picnic table on the left and comes to an intersection with the main trail going off to the right. A side trail goes off to Steeles Avenue (009).

009 - 010 | 9.0 kmPassing a metal box on the right side of the narrow gravel road the trail gradually slopes downward.  At an intersection with a few picnic tables there is an outdoor rest station. The trail soon arrives at the other end of the Glen Eden Side Trail (010).

010 - 008 | 9.6 kmLeave the main Bruce Trail and turn right onto this side trail. Soon you arrive back at (008).

008 - 006 | 11.0 kmTurn left and head back to cross the bridge over the railway tracks

006 - 005 | 11.7 kmFollow the main Bruce Trail back to Appleby Line (005).

005 - 003 | 13.1 kmTurn right onto Appleby Line, pass under the 401 (004) again and then watch for the markers on the right side where the trail goes back into the woods and meets the Philip Gosling Side Trail (003).
Revision: Take this ST back to the Hilton CA lot.

003 - 002 | 13.1 kmContinue on the main trail and pass the Hilton Falls Side Trail

002 - 001 | 14.6Now the main trail begins a fairly steady long climb back up to the starting point (001).
Enjoy the hike and the day!

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