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The Rouge River hike (L04) has been updated due to the closure of the north part of the Riverside Trail. Erosion at the bend in the river has been encroaching on the trail for many years and has now worked it's way back to the edge of the cliff. Even the upper trail in use in 2008 has been affected resulting in a much higher and more dangerous trail. It is not recommended to try this trail and the north Riverside Trail has been wisely closed. I'm not sure if it will be possible to repair this trail short of building an expensive elevated trailway around the river bend. So this may be a permanent closure of the north Riverside Trail.

An observation deck has been built near the start of the Vista Trail and on Sept 19, 2012 work was underway to move the Vista Trail back away from the advancing edge of the cliff near where the famous tree overhangs the edge.

Accordingly the trail map, waypoint guide and hike page have been revised and a new track log is available. The revised hike is the same length but we've added the Cedar Trail to the hike as an option that adds about 1.7 km to the hike if you choose to do the trail.

The waypoint numbering is now not sequential due to the closing of the Riverside Trail but should be easy enough to follow.


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