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Nov 2011: A new hydro transmission is being constructed parallel to the existing line and an access road has been built between 17th Sideroad and 22nd Sideroad between 4th and 5th Lines just southwest of Limehouse. As a result, the following changes are effective immediately for an indefinite period.

• The Main Trail will be closed from waypoint (009) at 4th Line to waypoint (010) at 5th Line.
• The Brown Benton Side Trail will be closed from 4th Line to where it meets the Main Trail.
• The Canada Goose Side Trail will be extended from the current terminus at 22nd Sideroad along 22nd Sideroad to meet the main trail at Limehouse.

Through hikers should follow the Canada Goose Side Trail until it rejoins the main trail.
New route = 1771 metres
Closed Main Trail = 2.1 km
Closed Brown Benton Side = 1km

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