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Grindstone Falls at base



001 - 002 | 1.4 kmFrom the Borer’s Falls parking lot pay kiosk, face the road and head to the diagonally far corner and take the path back over the bridge to view Borer’s Falls at the viewing point with the “From Pioneer Village to Sanctuary” display board. Continue on the trail along the escarpment edge passing a bench at a corner lookout point. Soon you arrive at a set of wooden steps that takes you down into the valley below. At the bottom of the steps continue on to the intersection with the Ray Lowes Side Trail (002).

002 - 003 | 2.0 kmThe trail now heads left on the main Bruce Trail continuing to follow the white blazes through the woods before reaching an intersection where the trail turns right and heads downhill. The trails winds and undulates heading downward to cross a bridge over a creek at the valley floor. The trail climbs again and crosses a second bridge over a deeper ravine and continues to climb a slope to Valley Rd. (003)

003 - 004 | 2.3 kmAcross the road the trail climbs the scarp and continues straight ahead before crossing a bridge over another creek and heading further uphill. The trail reaches a set of steep rock steps that leads up to Patterson Rd (004).

004 - 005 | 4.1 kmAcross the road the trail becomes very rocky for a distance as it approaches the escarpment edge. The trail passes a large concrete structure with bench and comes out to an open field with houses nearby. The trail continues along a grassy flat path and crosses a bridge over a drainage ditch to the escarpment edge. A long set of rock and wood berm steps leads down the edge of the escarpment to Old Guelph Rd and the tunnel under Hwy #6 (005). We saw two groundhogs in this area. The tunnel is lighted and dry with much graffiti.

005 - 006 | 6.3 kmConcrete steps lead down to the tunnel and up the other side. Just past the tunnel you can explore the stone ruins of an old homestead. The trail climbs a slight slope before heading partway down the ravine and then arriving at the edge of a restored quarry site. The trail crosses a bridge over a small cascading waterfalls called the Upper Quarry Cascade before descending over a very rocky area through the woods. There are numerous crisscrossing trails in the woods requiring attention to stay on the white blazed trail. The trail winds and undulates through the woods before descending into a valley, crossing a bridge across a small creek and then over the railway tracks (006)

006 - 007 | 6.8 kmThe trail heads right and curves around the scarp edge and wanders through the woods to a set of wood berm steps that lead down to Snake Road (007).

007 - 008 | 8.4 kmCrossing Snake Rd, the trail heads east and climbs a gradual slope to follow the top of the ravine edge. Crossing three flat plank bridges over drainage creeks, the trail turns right at a large fallen tree mass and continues through the woods. At a T-intersection, continue on the main Bruce Trail. Going right, the trail begins a long gradual descent, swings left and then continues the descent. Do not cross the wooden bridge but stay on this side of the creek as the trail curves left. The trail winds along the side of the ravine for some distance. Then the trail makes a sharp right turn and you can see and hear the flowing water of Grindstone Creek below. We arrive at Grindstone bridge and cross the creek over a wooden bridge (008).

008 - 007 | 10.5 kmPast the bridge, the trail begins to climb a slope and winds its way along until it descends and follows the edge of Grindstone Creek. An impressive series of mini-waterfalls and rapids become evident in the rushing water. The trail now continues to climb along a set of wooden berm steps that adds a bit of a challenge to the hike to arrive at Smokey Hollow and Grindstone Creek Falls also known as The Great Falls (009).
Enjoy the hike and the day!

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Tunnel under Hwy #6

Rapids below Grindstone Falls

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