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Posts 26 - 28 | 1.1 km
It is easy to get lost in these trails -use a compass or gps and follow this trail description carefully. It helps to know that when you face the sign post number and map you are always facing north.

22Nov2016: One of our members, Liam, reports: "Did this hike a few weeks ago, all the posts are in the process of being re-numbered. Thankfully I had downloaded the GPX, which proved essential for navigation."<br /> Facing the large map display in the parking lot, head to your left through the gate at post 26 (see back of post.) Continue straight ahead parallel to the road and in a few metres turn right along the bush road. This gravel/dirt road undulates through this young woods and continues in a straight line passing post 27 and arriving at post 28.

Posts 28 - 24 | 1.8 kmHere you can make a choice to do the whole hike or shorten it by skipping the northerly loop and traveling straight ahead across the bridge ahead to post 29.
Otherwise, turn right onto the loop at post 28 heading uphill. Almost immediately there is a Y-intersection where you keep to the right. The trail narrows and crosses a series of wooden boardwalks as it passes through a wet area and climbs ahead through the woods. The trail arrives at post 24.

Posts 24 - 34 | 2.8 kmKeep to the left rather than the trail that heads uphill to the right. The trail climbs a small hill and curves around along the side of a few ravines. Climbing again, the trail comes to an intersection. Keep to the left and pass a sign on the right that reads, "single track trail." Watch for cyclists on these trails. In a few metres you arrive at another intersection, where the second sign says "Single track trail." Here keep to the left again to descend and then climb to a rocky point where you keep straight ahead (right) heading downhill. The trail climbs to another rocky observation point and then descends to the right. The trail is a bit steep and can be slippery so be careful descending. The trail circles around another lookout point before heading downhill. The trail comes out to a boardwalk intersection. Take the smaller boardwalk to the right. The trail curves around the side of a ravine as it descends to a T-intersection at post 34.

Posts 34 - 29 | 3.6 kmTake the trail to the left at post 34. The trail comes to a sunny opening in the woods and curves around the edge of the ravine. At a small Y intersection you can make another choice. 1) Heading to the left downhill on the TCT takes you to a sidewalk-like stone walkway over a wet area and back out to the bush road where there is no post. Turn right onto the bush road and continue over this undulating more-or-less straight road to arrive at post 29. 2) Alternately you can take the narrow overgrown trail to the right heading uphill a bit and follow this narrow overgrown trail (see gray line on trail map) to post 29. If in doubt head to the left downhill.

Posts 29 - 30 | 3.9 kmContinue ahead to the right on the bush road where you pass a wetlands bog to the left of the trail. Shortly past this wetland area lies post 30 on the right. Watch for post 30 as it can be hidden by overgrown vegetation.

Posts 30 - 31 | 4.3 kmLeave the bush road here turning right on the narrow trail that heads uphill through the woods. The trail widens at an evergreen forest and the daylight is obscured as it travels through this overhead canopy of evergreen. Fallen leaves carpet the trail before the trail descends into a sunnier more open area with a nice growth of bulrushes in this wetter area. The trail enters back into a cedar forest as it climbs gently up the slope. Exiting the woods into a sunny area, the trail arrives at post 31.

Posts 31 - 39 | 4.9 kmContinue ahead on the main trail as it winds through a beautiful open meadow area bordered on both sides by a growth of cedar and pine trees. The trail winds around the cedar and evergreen growth making for some pretty scenery. Leaving the meadow, the trail enters an older part of the woods before arriving at an intersection. Keep to the right and then almost immediately turn left to go uphill. At the top of the hill there is a beautiful lookout over the reclaimed quarry. The trail arrives at post 39 where there is a display sign discussing the aggregate pit on the moraine. This is a good lunch spot with some stone seats.

Posts 39 - 38 | 5.4 kmKeep to the left continuing around the quarry until you meet a Y-intersection. Rather than go left continuing around the quarry, keep to the right heading slightly uphill. At the top of the slope there are two flat stones to sit on. Very shortly keep to the left heading into the woods at a T-intersection. This trail is labelled as the Trans Canada Trail (TCT). The narrow trail curves to the right up ahead and continues in an almost straight line until it arrives at post 38 at another T-intersection.

Posts 38 - 57 | 5.8 kmHead to the right on the trail that climbs uphill. At the intersection, keep to the right on the narrow path. The overgrown (in late August) trail winds through bush and gradually climbs and enters a sunny open area before entering the woods again and arriving at post 37.

Posts 37 - 36 | 6.1 kmAt post 37, keep left heading downhill through an open area before entering and meandering through the woods on a wider path. At a Y-intersection take the path to the left which shows a Trans Canada Trail (TCT) sign on a tree up ahead. The trail arrives at post 36 which is a T-intersection.

Posts 36 - 35 | 6.4 kmKeep to the right on the trail that curves counterclockwise around and heads uphill and is labelled as the TCT. The trail comes out to a sunny open area at the top of a hill. Curving around another slope the trail comes out to a beautiful balcony walk area with a great lookout to the valley below. The trail arrives at post 35.

Posts 35 - 33 | 7.1 kmAt post 35 there is a display sign on Sustainable Trails. Keep to the left around the mound passing the display board. (Don't go downhill to the right.)  The trail comes to a Y-intersection. Keep to the right. The trail curves and continually heads downhill on a gradual slope. A reverse trail joins the trail but continue straight ahead. You arrive at a lower lookout balcony trail with another nice view of the valley below. At another Y-intersection, keep on the main trail that curves around to the right. The trail arrives at post 33 at the top of a hill and an open meadow with a birdhouse ahead. This is an X-intersection where a number of trails (5) cross.

Posts 33 -23 | 7.7 kmHead to the left downhill and then up into the woods. At a reverse intersection keep straight ahead on a gravel and sand path into the woods. This is a shaded walk along the side of a ravine in a quiet surroundings broken only by the scurrying of chipmunks and squirrels. At the top of the hill there is a reverse single track trail coming in from the right. Ignore that and continue ahead a few metres to the single track trail on the left. Take this trail that climbs a steep single track bike section to arrive at the top of the hill and post 23. Exercise caution and watch for speedy cyclists.

Posts 23 -bench | 9.0 kmKeep to the right as the trail undulates and meanders through the woods as it heads downhill passing under a big fallen tree branch. The trail climbs a long gradual hill. At the top there is a well-deserved unique "backpack" bench offering a good seat and a magnificent view of the valley below.

Posts bench - 25 | 9.3 kmContinue along to post 25 at a T-intersection.

Posts 25 - 26 | 10.1 kmTurn left and follow the trail through some open meadows with great views. Soon you will arrive back at the display map and the parking lot on Concession 7 Rd where you began at post26.
Enjoy the hike and the day!

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