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001 - 002 | 1.8 kmFrom the parking lot, walk past the display hut along the trail heading into the forest and at the first intersection take the path to the right. The trail is labelled ABC and continue to follow the directional purple markers on the trees. The trail continues to climb at a gradual pace and levels and dips before continuing the gradual climb. The trail comes to a zigzag area where the sandy soil has been freshly graded by a tractor. Continue straight ahead where the trail passes through two yellow gates to arrive at a dirt road known as Dunbar Road (002).

002 - 003 | 2.7 kmA purple sign on a tree indicates a turn to the left onto Dunbar Rd and walk along this dirt road to a T-intersection at the end of Dunbar Rd (003).

003 - 004 | 3.2 kmTurn right onto another dirt road and continue ahead to the next intersection (004).

004 - 005 | 3.4 kmTurn left onto yet another dirt road and continue ahead. A young coyote came out of the woods about 25 m ahead of me, stopped and looked at me. I should have taken a photo, but instead clapped my hands and it took off into the woods frightened of me. Soon you will arrive at a sign indicating "Location 57" (005).

005 - 006 | 3.8 kmTurn right and enter the woods on a narrow path designated as the "C" trail. The C trail, which is by far the most interesting loop, crosses the Oak Ridge Trail which is marked with white blazes (006).

006 - 007 | 5.3 kmContinue straight ahead on the "C" trail which comes to a dirt road (007).

007 - 008 | 5.5 kmCross the road to a small opening and continue straight ahead on the "C" trail. Had lunch at this spot. The trail now becomes about a metre wide past the roadway. The trail continues through a deciduous/coniferous area with a cushion of needles on the ground. The trail comes to a Y-intersection at a road. Keep to the left heading uphill where the trail does a long gradual winding climb on a cut-out slope. The trail becomes more overgrown as you approach the bottom of the "C" loop. The trail arrives at a dirt road with a "Location 77" sign (008).

008 - 009 | 6.7 kmAt this Y-intersection, head left back into the woods. The trail winds through the woods and soon you meet the steepest hill on the hike but it is not very high. The trail narrows as it continually winds and descends through the woods. The trail arrives at another Y-intersection where you keep to the right on the more traveled trail. A purple marker indicates keep right. Soon the trail arrives back at the motorized road at "Location 71" (009).

009 - 010 | 7.0 kmCross the road and continue straight ahead into the woods. The trail comes out to another rutted dirt road. A direction sign tell s you to go left heading uphill. The trail soon crosses the Oak Ridges Trail again (010).

010 - 011 | 8.7 kmThe trail continues straight ahead as it winds and undulates through the woods. The trail widens at this point before arriving at an opening with two yellow barriers straight head at "Location 58" (011).

011 - 012 | 9.7 kmWalk straight ahead and pass through the yellow gates. The trail curves and meanders uphill where you arrive at "Location 61", a four-way intersection (012).

012 - 001 | 10.8 kmHead to the left where the trail is marked BC. A long long long gradual descent now begins along a gully. At the next intersection head left downhill. At a side T-intersection, a tree marker points you straight ahead. At a curve in the road ahead, keep to the right and arrive back at the starting point (001).
Enjoy the hike and the day!

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Northumberland Forest

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