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001 - 002 | 1.0 km 
From the map in the parking lot, turn left before the entrance from the road to the lot and follow the path north along the inside of the fence. The trail is quite sandy in this section and you soon arrive at a T-intersection. Turn left and enter the wooded area on a fallen leaves and packed sand terrain. Shortly  at an open area, another trail heads off to the left but keep to the right heading straight ahead on the trail marked with blue blazes. The trail wanders through the woods eventually coming to another T-intersection (002).

002 - 003 | 2.3 km
Turn right and head north towards Aurora Rd. At the road the trail swings left and follows the fence line along the road descending for about 200 m. The trail now turns away from the road heading south, soon making a jog to the right as it wanders through the woods passing over undulating countryside before swinging left to the east and arriving at (003) where there is a large house to the right and a T-intersection.

003 - 001 | 3.1 km
Continue east straight ahead and although the blue blazes disappear for a while, the trail follows the fence line along a hard-packed sand trail which brings you back to 001 and the starting point (001).

001 - 004 | 3.3 km
Now cross McCowan road and just to the left, you will see a fence opening. Turn right and follow the fence line south arriving at a sign signalling the end of the Dainty Trail. Why exactly this is the end of the dainty Trail rather than back at the parking lot is unknown. Perhaps it's for people doing the Clarke Tract first and then being pointed to the dainty trail. This T-intersection is (004).

004 - 005 | 4.4 km
Continue straight ahead  following the white blazes along the fence line until the trail climbs a slope and swings left skirting a nearby estate. The trail now continues fairly straight except for one jog along the fence line and arrives at an intersection (005).

005 - 006 | 5.2 km
Turn right and jog to the left heading south to the left of a dirt roadway. (Turning left skips the large loop and takes you to waypoint (011).) The trail turns left at the fence line and continues along the fence to the turn at (006).

006 - 007 | 5.7 km
After turning left, the trail heads north along the fence line. and soon passes a wetland pond where even at this early date, frogs could be heard sounding a spring mating call. The trail comes to a large four-way K intersection (007).

007 - 008 | 6.0 km
Continuing straight ahead, the trail now passes the backyards of a residential neighbourhood until arriving at a turn (008).

008 - 009 | 6.3 km
Turn left, soon arriving at another T-intersection (009).

009 - 010 | 6.7 km
Turn right heading north once again. Ahead you will see a large wooden privacy wall where the trail turns left and follows this fence along the backyards of buildings on Aurora Rd until it begins to head south again (010). This point is marked as the end of the trail by the blue "T" on the tree.

010 - 011 | 7.2 km
The trail now heads south following the white blazes. A little more than halfway between 010 and 011 following the white blazes becomes tricky. The trail is poorly marked with white blazes going in different directions. It's easy here to get lost and head off along the dotted creek line on th4e trail map back to the wetland area by walking south-east. You want to walk due south so keep to the white trails more to the right. Heading south will take you to waypoint (011) which is a large open intersection.

011 - 001 | 7.9 km
Turn right and pass through a long regeneration corridor of pine trees planted in rows which bring you back to (004) at McCowan Rd. Turn right and cross the road back to the parking lot (001).
Enjoy the hike and the day!

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