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One of many boardwalks at Island Lake CA


001 - 002 |   1.1 kmPark in the lot straight ahead from the gatehouse. From this lot head back towards the gatehouse where you will meet the Vicki Baron Lakeside Trail. Keep right and follow the trail uphill along the lake parallel to the CA exit road. The wide gravel path passes through a cedar woods, heads downhill to an intersection with the exit road. Take the narrow dirt path to the right heading downhill to the lake. The trail crosses a wooden bridge (002) where a wary chipmunk darted away from us.

002 - 003 |   1.5 kmThe trail continues over a wetland area on a series of boardwalks with views of bullrushes and aquatic life and the nearby dam. The trail arrives at an information kiosk with map and an entrance to the trail from the east side of Hwy 10 right across from Fourth Avenue and the Winners Store (003).

003 - 004 |   2.1 kmThe trail passes close to the lake with some good views across the lake as well as birds and herons nearby. Now a long wooden bridge comes into sight and walking along it gives great views of aquatic life. We saw numerous birds, a turtle with head and legs stretched out sunning itself and a bundle of small muskrats snuggled together on a protrusion from the water. The middle of the bridge was marked as waypoint (004).

004 - 005 |   3.2 kmThe trail continues along the bridge to a small island. Once again a long bridge crosses the water provided more views of aquatic life until a very long wooden bridge carries us over to dry land a wide gravel path leading north to a T-intersection and a map kiosk (005)

005 - 006 |   3.7 kmAt this point head to the right on a wide gravel path. An old unique log bench provides a resting spot to view the lake. At the end of the straightaway and another T-intersection, There is a warning sign concerning a particularly aggressive coyote spotted on the trail to the left which heads up to Hockley Road. Instead, turn right where some picnic tables provide a nice spot for lunch (006).

006-007 | 4.6 kmContinue along the path to the Huronontario North parking lot, washrooms, a map kiosk and the Osprey nest site (007).

007 - 008 | 6.0 kmContinue along the edge of the lake passing the Rotary Club of Orangeville Pavillion. Further along you might hear the noise of heavy machinery at the site of a large limestone quarry which is hidden from view by an earth bunker. The trail now begins the crossing of a very long wooden bridge span over the lake. We marked the middle of the first span as waypoint (008).

008 - 009 | 7.8 kmContinue across the bridge stopping for some great views in all directions. Beautiful fall colours could be seen by our hike in October as well as much aquatic bird life. Once over the bridge, the trail hugs the shoreline with some nice views and rest spots. A blue jay was seen darting from tree to tree. Following the shore line, the trail arrives at a construction site where workmen were putting the finishing touches to a large wooden platform which will become an amphitheatre. The hillsides around contain a number of picnic tables providing good views for a stage performance. This used to be the kids beach area in the summer but the structure is built right over the water taking up a good part of that beach (009).

009 - 001 | 8.3 kmThe gravel trail continues until you see the startling sight of numerous black ice fishing huts. At the top of the rise turn right to pass the washrooms and over to the parking lot (001).
Enjoy the hike and the day!

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