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001 - 002 | 0.6 km 
A large sign at the roadside trailhead proclaims "Humber Valley Heritage Trail" where an opening in the fence allows access to the trail. A narrow path leads through shrubby growth towards the bow bridge over the Humber River with a nearby bench providing a view of the river. The trail soon arrives at a T-intersection with a gate and a posted sign mentioning no trespassing, conservation lands (002.) Ignore this if you are hiking.

002 - 003 | 0.8 km
Turn right and pass through the open gateway into the woods where the trail begins to climb a steep hill and then passes through a leafy plateau before beginning to climb once more. A bit further up the hill, there is a trail marked with blue blazes that heads off to the left. Met a couple small garter snakes at this point. (003)

003 - 004 | 2.0 km
Turn left onto this trail which is the start of the northern loop trail. The trail descends passing through a wooded area, twists about and gradually rises up a slope before once again descending. The trail passes a tip-up (a fallen tree with roots exposed) and circles around a hollow as it undulates through the woods. The trail enters a more open area of shrubby growth and curves trhough a small low lying open meadow which could be wet at times. After passing crab apple trees, the trail heads back into the woods crossing a drainage channel with some logs to aid passage in wet weather. Soon a fence line is reached which is the northern tip of the northern loop trail. (004)

004 - 005 | 2.4 km
The trail continues to undulate along the fence line where a huge meadow comes into view to the north and east. The trail skirts along the edge of the meadow with some great views of fall colours in the trees down below near the Humber River. The trail begins to curve to the right away from the meadow and arrives at a reverse Y-intersection. (005)

005 - 006 | 2.6 km
Keep to the right moving straight ahead up the slope on this wider tractor trail until you soon arrive at a T-intersection with a blue marker on a pole to your right. (006)

006 - 007 | 3.1 km
Turn right on this narrow path that heads downhill before gradually climbing towards the tree line and curving left to follow the edge of the escarpment. The trail comes to a second Y-intersection with another trail coming into the trail you are on, so keep straight ahead following the blue marker. The trail arrives at a T-intersection at the top of the hill you climbed partway up before. (007)

007 - 008 | 3.4 km
Turn left on this wide hub trail passing through a regeneration area with evergreen trees planted in rows. At a triangular intersection head to the right and in front of you is a large table rock. A good place for lunch with a view. (008)

008 - 009 | 3.8 km
The wide trail becomes more sandy in nature about a few metres from the escarpment edge and gradually descends arriving at a T-intersection. (009)

009 - 010 | 4.0 km
Turn right at this intersection. The left trail heads to Kerby Rd. The trail continues it's gradual descent as the escarpment height diminishes. You will arrive at another T-intersection where a pole has been carved with the words, "Only Losers Litter." (010)

010 - 011 | 4.1 km
You could turn right here and head down this steep slope which I wouldn't recommend if the ground is wet. A short distance ahead there is a much easier more gradual trail heading downhill. (011)

011 - 012 | 4.2 km
Take the easier trail to the right downhill to end up at (012). Both downhill trails end up at the same spot.

012 - 013 | 4.8 km
The trail passes a few metres away from the Humber River. You can go as far as you wish before returning. We went to waypoint (013) where the trail comes to an open area right beside the river. I do not know how far this trail goes but even at (013), you are outside the Nashville CR.

013 - 001 | 7.0 km
Return the way you came along the hub trail passing the table rock and heading to the left at the triangular area. You will soon arrive at (007) at the top of the hill. Continue ahead down the hill until partway down there is a trail heading off to the left. This is a more gradual descending trail that passes through another open path in the fence before curving right to (002) at the bottom of the hill. If you want to take the steeper path on the way down, you will pass (003) before arriving at (002). Continue back to (001)

Enjoy the hike and the day!

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