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Hike Info

N44.04999  W78.74187

up to 18 km

5 h


368 m

Long Sault Conservation Area contains hilly, rugged, forest-covered terrain located in the middle of the Oak Ridges Moraine which was formed during the last ice age. Particularly pleasing in the Fall with lookouts from high elevations on the moraine.

Fees: yes; pay-and-display machine: Max -$4/vehicle/day or $0.50/30 min (min: 1h); 2011 update -max per vehicle/day is now $5 (verified for 2015 also.)

Washrooms at Long Sault Conservation Area parking lot.

Bench on Wild Turkey Trail

12 May 2009; 05 Jun 20

Not wheelchair accessible; pets must be leashed. Occasionally, evidence of black bear activity has been reported at Long Sault Conservation Area. Bear scat was found on 29Nov2014 and tracks seen on 07Dec2014. 7th. Both occurred along the Blue Bird Trail. Be prepared.


Leave out any loops desired

Lookout points; nice loops around a central trail

X-country skiing; during the cross-country ski season, hikers are asked to stay off the established cross-country ski track by only travelling along the side of the trail. Observe direction of travel signs.


The Site

Long Sault Conservation Area

The Long Sault Conservation Area consists of a series of 5 loops leading off from two central connecting paths. The trails undulate through the moraine passing through deciduous, coniferous and wet forest areas with varied terrain and some nice lookout areas. The hike length is variable by removing loops from the hike. If you want to leave out only one loop, I’d suggest omitting the Barred Owl Trail. Note that some of the trails are one-way for hikers and the opposite way for bikes.

Hiking in Long Sault

All pets must be kept on a leash of no more than 2 m in length. Please stoop to scoop. The trails are marked with degree of difficulty ratings: Beginner: Cottontail Rabbitt, connecting trails; Intermediate: White-tailed Deer; Advanced: all others. I’d take these ratings with a grain of salt if you are an average hiker as none are particularly dificult. Watch for a few bikers on the trail. I'd rate the Barred Owl Trail as beginner; the Wild Turkey Trail as intermediate; and the Eastern Bluebird Trail with it's many undulations as Advanced on a comparative scale.

Long Sault Conservation Area now includes close to 400 hectares of mature forest, plantation, wetland and meadow. The area is considered an important core wildlife area because of the diversity and size of habitats that it contains. This Conservation Area also includes headwater tributaries that are an important part of the Bowmanville/Soper Creek Watershed.

Much of Long Sault Conservation Area's natural beauty can be seen from any section of the more than 18 km of marked trails that wind throughout the property. With trails that range in difficulty from gently sloping straight trails, to technical rolling and quickly turning trails, Long Sault Conservation Area is a favourite destination for many outdoor enthusiasts looking to pursue a number of different recreational activities.

The trails at Long Sault Conservation have been designed and signed so that hikers travel in the opposite direction of mountain bikers/cross-country skiers. Please look for the direction of travel on trailhead signs and on trail posts. During the cross-country ski season, hikers are asked to stay off the established cross-country ski track by only travelling along the side of the trail.

commentThis is an enjoyable conservation area for a hike. Because of the central connecting trail with the loops leading off in different directions, it's easy to control how much of the hike you wish to do. Each of the trails has something to recommend it and the rolling moraine terrrain passes through a variety of terrain and woodlands. There are also some very good lookouts along the way.

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