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Beamer's Falls



001 - 002 | 1.1 kmFrom the Mountainview Conservation Area parking lot back corner, the main Bruce Trail enters the bush and almost immediately makes a steep rocky climb to the escarpment top and then heads to the right along the scarp edge. The trail is very rocky and shows the weathering effect with crevices between the rocks where the rock has split and separated. The trail winds close to the escarpment edge and crosses a small dry gully as it continues to follow the scarp edge. The trail descends more gullies which were quite slippery due to a recent heavy rainfall. A trail sign notifies you that you are entering private property with a request to stay on the trail (002).

002 - 003 | 2.5 kmThe trail passes some backyards on the left and becomes a wider mowed trail that leads to an open grassy park-like area and arrives at Walker Road across from a crab apple tree. Turn right on the road and follow Walker Rd until it meets Thirty Rd. Turn left on Thirty Rd and walk downhill about 170 m to the Bruce Trail sign on the left of the road (003).

003 - 004 | 5.0 kmThe trail crosses over a log and enters a wet swampy area before arriving at the display sign for Thirty Mile Creek Falls. The trail to the right doesn't go far but gives you a view of the gorge and the falls. Return and follow the main Bruce Trail to the left of the falls that passes very close to the escarpment edge and then gradually descends. The trail swings left away from the ravine edge and climbs a slope and crosses a wooden bridge. The trail approaches Ridge Road but then swings right heading downhill on a wide rocky farm road. At a Y-intersection take the smaller trail to the left that passes a large rock. The trail makes a steep descent into a gully which was very slippery and wet on this day and then makes a long climb back up to a plateau near the top. A large open field can be seen down below and Lake Ontario beyond.  The trail passes a small 3 m wide waterfall that drops about 1 m with a small amount of water evident (004).

004 - 005 | 5.5 kmThe trail comes out to Pk Rd S. Turn left and head uphill to the intersection with Ridge Road. Turn right and follow Ridge Rd for 200 m where the trail re-enters the woods (005).

005 - 006 | 9.0 kmTurn right and descend a slight slope to a very overgrown area before arriving at an open park. To the left, a Bruce Trail marker can be seen. The trail wanders through an area with much undergrowth on a narrow rocky path which comes out to a wide trail heading downhill to the right. Past a large pond the trail turns left and heads downhill and then heads left again along the side of the ravine. The trail begins a long gradual climb up a slope and crosses a creek with a fair amount of water and continues through the woods on the slippery rocky path. The trail makes a steep descent on a slippery muddy trail passing an area with a lot of huge rocks halfway down the scarp.
The trail passes a very rocky and slippery depression over a drainage ditch with some water and then climbs over a very rocky area as it curves uphill to the top. At the top of the ravine a very deep gully can be seen below and the sound of falling water can be heard up ahead. Soon a very large cave can be seen halfway down the slope on the other side. The trail descends partway down the slippery ravine where the creek flows over a waterfall and crosses a wooden bridge over the creek. The trail circles the far side of the ravine and climbs the far side. The trail continues near the edge of the ravine and the rocks on the trail diminish. The trail once again descends a large ravine and crosses another creek and another waterfall over another wooden bridge before climbing the ravine again. The trail now descends to Mountain St. (006).

006 - 007 | 10.0 kmThe trail crosses the busy road and enters the woods along a grassy path parallel to the road that climbs uphill. The trail descends by some switchbacks with a slanted wooden staircase filled with earth and makes its way down the hill to Mountain St and turns left to follow Mountain to Gibson St where it turns left along Gibson. The trail crosses a pedestrian bridge over Forty Mile Creek and in 50 m comes to an intersection with the Forty Mile Creek Side Trail (007) which heads to the right along Gibson St as it heads north to the Grimsby waterfront.

007 -008 | 11.6 kmThe main trail heads left alongside Forty Mile Creek where a series of impressive rapids and mini waterfalls become evident. The trail then makes a long challenging 800 m climb beside a gorge to the top of the escarpment where it meets the Beamer’s Falls Side Trail. Near the top you will see another waterfalls and a well deserved rest bench at the top. Follow the side trail south to Ridge Road and head left across the bridge to view Beamer’s Falls (008) and the parking lot beyond. Just before the falls there is a driveway into a boy scout building. From there you can get a good view of the falls and see some dirt trails heading down to the base of the falls but these can be challenging.
If you wish, you can also do a loop to take in the great view from Grimsby Point before heading to the falls.
For a more detailed map of the Beamer’s Falls area, see our Trail Map for Beamer’s Falls in the waterfalls section.
Enjoy the hike and the day!

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