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Trail Conditions -Jan 01, 2014

Please use extreme caution if you are using the Bruce Trail in the Caledon, Toronto and Iroquoia sections.


Icy trail conditions, fallen limbs and leaning trees have resulted in dangerous conditions in these areas of the Bruce Trail. If you do venture out on the Bruce Trail and encounter blockages or dangerously icy conditions, please turn back. Do not try to reroute around blockages, as off-trail routes may contain additional dangers such as crevices and drop-offs which may be obscured by snow.


Please note that there is no vehicle access to any Conservation Halton parks along the Bruce Trail (i.e. Mount Nemo, Rattlesnake Point, Crawford Lake, Kelso and Hilton Falls). Access to parks in other areas may also be restricted.


For more information on Trail access in the Iroquoia, Toronto and Caledon Hills sections, please consult the following sites:



(Information courtesy of Bruce Trail Conservancy)

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