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Ice Storm Cleanup Progress Report from
John Grandy Hiking Director, Bruce Trail

In order to help you plan for hikes in the near future, here is my understanding of the current status of The Bruce Trail:

Iroquoia Section: Mount Nemo - I have no recent information.
Crawford Lake, Rattlesnake Point and Kelso: The Trail is still a mess in these areas. The club is organizing cleanup parties but I would recommend avoiding these areas for the near future.

Toronto Section: the Main Trail is clear north as far as km 17.1. A further work party is being organized this weekend at Limehouse. Scotsdale Farm is still not clear. Side trails have not yet been cleared.

Silver Creek and Terra Cotta are still closed to the public. However I understand that Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) cleanup crews are currently at work in these areas.

Caledon: an email I received today from the club states "After a lot of work by a lot of people. I think we can say the Forks of the Credit park is now hikeable."

Other areas: Rouge Valley Park is almost impossible to hike.

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