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03 Nov 2015  The asphalt walkway at a curve in the lower section of the Highland Creek Trail (Walk W02) has been mostly washed away as a result of storm damage. The area is fenced off and work has begun on clearing a path through the woods to construct a new trail.

highland-crk-W02 2015 DSC04714Collapsed walkway

The lower part of this trail before you get to Lake Ontario has contained a large number of fallen and damaged trees for years. A cleanup has taken place removing much of this damaged wood, resulting in a few side trails being closed temporarily.

The walk from Old Kingston Road down to Lake Ontario is still open however. I haven't done this walk for some time and was surprised to see the trail renamed Pan Am Path as well as the new bridge over the mouth of Highland Creek joining Port Union Waterfront Park to East Point Park.

The Pan Am Path extends from Clairville Dam and Centennial Park in the West to Rouge Park Beach in the East.



highland-crk-W02 2015 DSC04713Construction of replacement section

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