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Hike Info

Hike Info

N44.32573  W80.21132

10.6 km including Keyhole

3.5 - 4.0 h

Beginner/intermediate (based on length of hike)

179 m

Varied with some rocky and hilly sections

Fees -none


Picnic table at waypoint 003; at Nottawasaga Bluffs Lookout

08 Sept 2005

Not wheelchair accessible


To shorten the hike, omit the Betty Carter loop.

Limestone kiln; Freedom rock; Best caves; Bluffs lookout



The Site

Nottawasaga Bluffs

With close to 160 hectares of  countryside vistas, hardwood and coniferous forests, open meadows, and a series of caves, the  Nottawasaga Bluffs hike offers a full day of exploration and adventure. The area is steeped in local history - pioneers once toiled to cut a living out of the wilderness. Timber and limestone proved to be big business for this area and as such, small communities like Singhampton and Glen Huron were established.

Freedom Rock

This hike along with L44 Nottawasaga to Devil's Glen and L46 Devil's Glen Mad River are variations of the same hike by selecting different trails to follow in the area and so the trail maps are similar but highlight the particular route for each of these three hikes.

commentThis is a loop hike that features a squeeze through a wall of rock into a cold deep canyon harbouring snow into summer, a visit to a towering rock column (Freedom Rock), a spectacular lookout point at the Nottawasaga Bluffs, an old lime kiln and Best Caves. If you wish to explore the Best caves, take the Best Caves Side Trail downhill. I found that the caves were ok to look at and peer into but too small to enter yourself.

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Nottawasaga Winter Wonderland -photohiker.net

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