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Walkway across the marsh



001 - 002 | 0.7 kmPark in the lot at end of Dalewood Cres. Leaving the lot entrance turn left and walk along Oak Knoll Dr and then turn left onto Dromore Cres continuing to the intersection with Marion Ave N. Here you will see a wide paved path that heads left into the woods. Continue down the wooded slope into a ravine as the now dirt path curves and heads downhill between the hills. A sign for the Ginger Valley Trail points uphill (002).

002 - 003 | 2.3 kmGo to your right over a small plank bridge and up the slope on the berm steps. At the top, turn to your right and follow the Ginger Valley Trail. The trail passes an area of downed logs as it continues to wind it’s way on top of the ravine. The trail comes out to a field and goes right back into the woods
again. At a Y-intersection, go left downhill into a gully and then back up. At another Y-intersection keep to the left again to keep out of the playing field. At the next Y-intersection, go right towards the field where there are some benches. Turn left and follow the edge of the field which is marked as the Ginger Valley Trail. Past a maintenance shed with large green doors, the trail goes left back into the woods. At the bottom of the ravine you can see the water below and part of Hamilton Harbour. The trail crosses a plank bridge over a drainage ditch (003).

003 - 004 | 3.0 kmThe trail now climbs up the other side where we met a large garter snake on the trail -too fat and lazy to move. The trail soon heads downhill to pass around an inlet. The trail comes out to an overgrown field and heads back into the woods. There are a number of good lookout points along the way. At a large split tree trunk, the trail heads to the far end of the open field. Keep right following the edge of the shore. Where the trail heads to a parking lot, keep left on the gravel trail uphill. Keep left on the grassy mowed trail close to the bay. Now take a trail down to the beach at Princess Point and walk along the beach for a bit (004).

004 - 005 | 3.3 kmThen rejoin the grassy trail going left which heads to the parking lot. Pass the pay parking machine (005) and follow the path back to where you took the gravel trail uphill.

005 - 006 | 3.8 kmSoon you will see a large hill to your left so head up the path going up the hill. At the top of the hill, turn right along the bush line curving left around some houses and exiting onto a city street (Bond St N) (006).

006 - 002 | 4.9 kmFollow Bond St N turning right onto Parkview Dr to it’s end where we enter the playing field and head left diagonally across the field towards the soccer net and the last large tree on the right with a bench under the tree. Pass the first trail going into the woods, taking the second trail entering the woods by the soccer net. You are now back on the Ginger Valley Trail heading back and downhill to waypoint (002).

002 - 007 | 5.3 kmNow turn right on the main wide trail crossing a wide plank bridge over a small creek passing a sign indicating the closure of the Sassafras Point Trail. The trail winds to the left, passes a wetlands area on the left and climbs uphill. At the top of the hill, keep to the right on the main gravel trail and just as the trail begins to head downhill, look carefully for an unmarked trail on the right that heads into the bush past some fallen logs. This is the KP trail (007).

007 - 008 | 5.6 kmA deer blocks the trail ahead and heads down into the bush watching me for some time as I photograph it. See panorama photo above. Cross over a log in the trail to soon arrive at Kingfisher Point with a broken down observation platform (008).

008 - 009 |5.9 kmContinue uphill where the trail curves to the right arriving at Arnott’s Point (009).

009 - 010 | 7.1 kmAt the first Y-intersection, take the trail to the right that stays closer to the shore and heads downhill. You will pass a tree with a boardwalk around it. The trail passes through the Pinery and its’ giant trees. A Chegwin Trail marker indicates to keep straight ahead along the shore (010).

010 - 011 | 7.3 kmThe  trail crosses a plank bridge over a marshy area. At a T-intersection marking the Chegwin trail, keep right along the shore (011).

011 - 012 | 7.6 kmA wooden plank walkway bridge passes over the marsh (012).

012 - 013 | 8.4 kmAnother sign shows the Chegwin Trail heading left but continue right along the shore. The trail descends to a grassy wetland which may be difficult to pass in wet weather in early Spring. There are a number of side trails but keep following the most widely used trail as it heads towards the road and the traffic you can hear up ahead. You will come up to very busy Cootes Drive. Be sure to mark this point so you can find it on your return. Also be very mindful of traffic here. Turn right along the roadside and cross the bridge to where the trail leaves the road and heads downhill to the right (013).

013 -014 | 9.0 kmThe trail passes a collapsed bridge. How far you can progress here depends on how wet the ground is. In good conditions you can reach the West Pond channel and look down the length of this channel (014).

014 -013 | 9.5 kmThis marks the furthest point of the hike so now we return to the road (013).

013 - bridge past 011 | 10.5 kmCross the road bridge again on the side of the road and look for your marker where you came up to the road and carefully follow the trail through the wet area until you return to the flat plank bridge with no railing over the marsh (012). The trail crosses a second bridge with a railing past (011).

007 | 11.7 kmAfter the bridge, turn right and head uphill. At a T-intersection at the top turn right. Continue along this trail as it climbs. Part way up watch carefully for a trail on your left which is the unmarked Ravine Road Trail. Turn left onto this trail. Soon you will arrive at the beginning of the KP Trail again (007).

007 -015 | 11.9 kmContinue straight ahead, and head downhill on this centre eroded trail. Near the bottom turn right onto Caleb’s Walk (015).

015 -016 | 12.1 kmSoon you will  arrive at the intersection with the Forsythe Trail (016).

016 - 001 | 12.4 kmContinue straight ahead. Climbing a slope you will arrive back at the parking lot where you began (001).
Enjoy the hike and the day!

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