Waterfall_Screen_3976555These are some of the best known waterfalls along the Niagara Escarpment from Dundas to Niagara Falls itself. While Niagara Falls is by far the best known area falls and perhaps the most spectacular, there are dozens of other lovely waterfalls along the Escarpment. Hamilton alone has some 15 waterfalls on the horseshoe-shaped section of the Niagara Escarpment that rims the city. Most of these are as high as a 3 to 5 storey building and one is almost as high as Niagara Falls.

While we haven’t visited them all, some claim there are as many as 70 waterfalls on the Escarpment although a number of them are very small. Some are cascading falls while others have multiple falls -an upper and a lower falls.

For hikes with waterfalls, look for the "F" in the hike number, i.e L45F in the Hiking section.